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What are some differences between you and your BFF?

On the heels of the 'blackhead' question... I got to thinking about the differences between me and BFF ~ differences that doesn't hinder our friendship and differences that we seem to celebrate. Here's some of ours:

She drives like a granny, I drive like normal (we both scare each other to death driving) - but she's the kind of driver that makes other people hit her because she's the one that's damn near stopped BEFORE she gets into the turn lane.

She's the kind of person that over-analyzes everything and I'm a go with it kind of girl. She can't be spontaneous to save her life because she's already so overwhelmed with the "what-ifs" before she can make a move.

She is literally a reactive - panic - then educate kind of person if and when she hears bad news (aka someone is sick with a disease or something) .... I'm a listen to the news, educate myself on what the problem is, then decide if I need to freak out or not.

Her husband has a prosthetic leg ~ if he so much as stumbles when he's walking thru the house she literally freaks out, jumps and screams like the house is on fire (it makes him mad when she does that).... I'm the one who looks at him and asks "did you just break your fake toe or what!? Does it hurt?" (He and I drive her nuts with our devil-may-care attitude about his leg)

If you ever want to know what a medication MIGHT interact with - call her. She is that person who will put a house fire on hold cuz if she takes her thyroid pill 2 minutes later than she did yesterday it MIGHT make it ineffectual. I'm like, 'as long as I get it in me sometime before lunch, I'm fine"

And the one that makes me crazy ~ that woman is late by a half hour or more all the time... but if you don't tell her that you will arrive between this and this time AND THEN STICK TO IT.... she won't forgive you (and we're talking, she wants to know "well is it gonna be closer to 2:15 or 2:20 when you get here?) No joke.... and I'm like "you're gonna be here around 2:30ish... okay.) and I'll give you about an hour (this doesn't count for actual appointments when you have to leave home to get to on time... just for visiting each other)

Yesssss, my BFF is somewhat uptight. I love her tho.

In what ways are you very different from your BFF?

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Asked by ShelbyShareAlot at 1:19 PM on Apr. 13, 2011 in Just for Fun

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  • We are basically polar opposites. She is loud, outspoken, has several tattoos and really can care less what anyone thinks. She speaks her mind, and will react without thinking too much about anything. She is one of those moms at sports games who is loud and telling her son to get the ball etc etc. She dyes her hair blue, or pink or whatever.

    I am quiet, try to keep the peace, think before I speak, and I would never in a million years hang off the chain linked fence and tell my son to get the ball. I have tattoos but they are all hidden. I would never dye my hair an unnatural color lol, even if I thought it was cute (and mostly I do).

    In the end we both have our kids and family in common. She is my cousin, and our kids are around the same age, play the same sports and we bring out the best in each other.

    Answer by gemgem at 1:22 PM on Apr. 13, 2011

  • She's the kind of person that over-analyzes everything and I'm a go with it kind of girl. She can't be spontaneous to save her life because she's already so overwhelmed with the "what-ifs" before she can make a move. (EXACTLY LIKE MY BFF TOO!) - we wanted to set up tat appointments for us and just because someone told her she wouldnt go to a person that USED to work at a tat shop and does it in home, she refused to consider it anymore. very parinoid.

    She is the kind of person that talks about her daughter, mainly about how her daughter eats food. "she is eating cantolope like she hasnt eaten for a week." - not interesting but i put up with it, i hardly ever talk about anything my kids do cause i want adult conversation and want to get away from that sometimes.

    I go out to the bar and that is my relaxing time away from the kids. She never goes out, stays home with her daughter all the time.

    Answer by americansugar80 at 1:43 PM on Apr. 13, 2011

  • She's kind of a blonde nerd that puts her hair up in a bun and also has bulky eye glasses and worries about if her shirt is high enough to cover everything. I'm the one that is constantly coloring my hair and wearing low cut shirts.

    I exercise my lil heart out so i can be healthy and fit, she weighs over 200 pounds and i tell her she should watch herself and be healthy for her daughter but idk if she cares.

    We are complete opposites in everyway but somehow seem to be BFF's all through high school.

    Answer by americansugar80 at 1:50 PM on Apr. 13, 2011

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