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Why do so many people seem to think that gender is static and not fluid? Why do so many people seem to think there are only two genders possible? Why are gender 'requirements' so rigid for men but not women in our society?

Gender is not the same as sex. Gender is based upon the 'masculine' and 'feminine' traits an individual has (with masculine and feminine being defined by society) whereas sex is based upon your genitalia. Also static means it does not change whereas fluid means it can change (I got yelled at before for not clarifying that).

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Asked by purpleducky at 8:49 AM on Apr. 14, 2011 in Relationships

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  • Well the only 2 genders humans have is male and female. Occasionally theres a genetic freak born with both sexes in the same body. Same with the animals and bugs on this earth. Male & Female. True some species of bugs and worms are hermaphroditic as in both sexes or produce Asexually. But in nature there are only 2 common sexes. Male & Female. It is as simple and straight forward as male or female to me and yea, I think it is NOT fluid.

    Answer by vbruno at 8:54 AM on Apr. 14, 2011

  • I think that for those whose gender traits don't ebb and flo, can't understand that for others it's a bit more ambiguous.

    Answer by adnilm at 9:02 AM on Apr. 14, 2011

  • Well the only 2 genders humans have is male and female

    Wrong. Gender is not the same as sex. Gender is a set of social behaviors and characteristics that develop and change as a person grows and changes, just like attitudes and tastes.

    OP, the reason people don't understand what gender means is because they were never taught and/or refuse to accept new ideas because they challenge thier prior beliefes. Many people have a hard time reconciling when they are confronted with information or facts that contradict what they believe to be true.


    Answer by UpSheRises at 9:02 AM on Apr. 14, 2011

  • Ahhh that is a highly controversial topic. Yes, gender does have to do with male and female but it's more an inside force rather than what's on the outside. When you hear people say "I grew up feeling like a girl" or "I feel like a man in a woman's body" etc they are talking about gender. Some follow through on those feelings with a sex change and some don't. That's why they call it gender association surgery to have a sex change operation.
    Not sure what you mean by it being fluid. I don't think it's something you can turn on and off or even feel two ways about. Having only 2 genders does have truth to it. You either feel like a female or a male. Are you saying some people can just decide they feel feminine or masculine like they feel happy or sad?
    Are you considering being gay in the gender? I don't equate being gay as having much to do with gender association.
    Up, what are these "facts" you speak of?

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 9:44 AM on Apr. 14, 2011

  • What I mean by fluid is that it can change over the course of a life of a society. So what is considered masculine today in our society might be considered feminine here in 100 years in our society. And why are you so certain there are only 2 genders? Many other societies have more genders.

    Comment by purpleducky (original poster) at 9:55 AM on Apr. 14, 2011

  • I got that impression from your question but how about an explanation on that? Are you talking about feeling half masculine and half feminine or is it you feel like a dog, cat or bird? What else do you think there is?

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:07 AM on Apr. 14, 2011

  • Ignorance purple just ignorance.

    Answer by older at 10:43 AM on Apr. 14, 2011

  • I have a transgender friend. Before knowing this person I would have been a bit affronted by what you are suggesting. It's tough. Society dictates these roles and they are quite unavoidable! In my friends case this was painfully obvious. In the end my friend taught me to be more openminded and to forgive myself.

    Answer by Ms.Gwen at 3:47 PM on Apr. 14, 2011

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