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Other then sleeping pills how to go to sleep

ok so i get tired but im not able to go to sleep at that time kids still up got more things to do or deal with nightly chores until i just wake myself back up then i end up awake til 1,2,3 who knows and back up by like 8 or whenever my three yr old gets me up

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Asked by flipper4u21 at 11:45 PM on Apr. 16, 2011 in Health

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  • well , take some anti- histamines the ones that cause drowsyness-- if you aint pg

    Answer by letstalk747 at 11:47 PM on Apr. 16, 2011

  • You could try a warm glass of milk and really boring tv show. That always works for me.

    Answer by amberdawnbarr at 11:48 PM on Apr. 16, 2011

  • Melatonin works like a dream--about 3 mg about 30-60 min before you want to be asleep.

    Melatonin is what your body naturally produces to put your body to sleep.

    Answer by coala at 11:50 PM on Apr. 16, 2011

  • I've often had sleeping problems. Every one is different and it took me a long time to settle on something that works. I finally found out that boring TV puts me to sleep. I'll watch a PBS program that has a narrator, put my head under a blanket and I'll be knocked out in 10 minutes. Before I found out this idea works, I used to have a glass of wine or a Kahluha and Cream. Now I don't bother with the alcohol at all; it's much better this way. Maybe a white noise generator will work for you; you could find one online.

    Answer by RobotLady at 11:51 PM on Apr. 16, 2011

  • Actually they say that alcohol will put you to sleep, but because the affect fades in a couple hours, you ended up getting up in the middle of the night. I read. I sympathize with you. Been there. Soft music, dim light (not bright lights!) and a non-fiction book. A warm drink like decaf tea, some time for yourself to wind down. The pc makes me tired, but I get addicted to it so it certainly does not help me sleep!! Another thing that sometimes works, if you toss and turn too much, then just get up and do something. The harder you try to fall asleep, the harder it is. You might as well be productive. Or, you'll get up, realize how tired you are, and go right back to bed. Also, they say to tell yourself that you're going to get up to do something you hate to when you can't sleep say "i have to get out of bed to do the dishes..." kinda like falling asleep when the alarm goes offf :)

    Answer by fivekitten at 11:56 PM on Apr. 16, 2011

  • Oh I do want to add that I took Tylenol PM a couple times and didn't feel groggy the next day but they did help me sleep. But I didn't like being fast asleep when I had little kids so I never took sleeping pills.

    Answer by fivekitten at 11:58 PM on Apr. 16, 2011

  • Either melatonin just before bedtime or 5HTP a few hours before bed. If you have problems with anxiety, a little 5HTP (which helps your body make it's own melatonin) will not only help you sleep, but some people find that if they take it with dinner, they have fewer evening cravings. With either, you will get to sleep more naturally, have no side-effects, and not awaken drowsy. Hope this helps. GL :-)

    Answer by ss_mom at 11:58 PM on Apr. 16, 2011

  • I drink sleepy time tea. It gives you about 10 minutes of extreeme tiredness...if you miss your sleep in that 10 mins tho you will have to drink another cup.

    Answer by MaddyTaylor at 12:23 AM on Apr. 17, 2011

  • well thank you all but i dont do well on pills at all and thats part of the problem i get up and do things that have to be done before i go to bed then awake again and what is this 5htp and i do have problems with anxiety and that will help without putting me to sleep? because i was looking for something for that

    Comment by flipper4u21 (original poster) at 8:56 AM on Apr. 17, 2011

  • Melatonin is a natural hormone, no addiction problems. I swear by it.

    Answer by elasmimi at 9:24 AM on Apr. 17, 2011

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