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Overeating - How do you stop yourself?

I usually am okay with my eating . . . we don't keep junk around the house and talk about nutrition alot, but


I don't know whether it is the stress of the holiday or the fact that there is so much food around, but I usually eat myself sick, and then feel really sick and emotionally guilty about it for a few days afterward. I find myself wanting to boycott holidays because they are too much of a trigger for me.

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you monitor yourself during these big events?


Asked by Anonymous at 6:34 PM on Apr. 18, 2011 in Diet & Fitness

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Answers (6)
  • Portion control.

    Make it a rule that you can only fill your plate once--that is, when you go to the appetizer table or line up for dinner, you only have this one opportunity to put things on your plate. No going back for seconds.

    Also, adopt a "this or that" approach to such gatherings. Choose a slice of cake OR a piece of pie. A biscuit OR a croissant. There is no need for both. You will have a chance to try these foods in the future--don't eat like it's your last meal.

    Answer by Mousuke at 8:29 PM on Apr. 18, 2011

  • best advice is munch. . .do not set down with a full plate. . . or is you do only take a few things and small portions. GL. . . and keep reminding yourself not to eat too much. GL

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:37 PM on Apr. 18, 2011

  • Try to stay away from the appetizer table. If something only tastes okay, don't finish it- save those calories for something worthwhile! You don't have to eat heaps of something to enjoy it. Try to focus more on the veggies than on the mashed potatoes or guacamole. Try not to overdo you portions. Drink only water (maybe a glass of wine). Overeating was always a huge problem for me. I still allow myself to enjoy special meals on special occasions, but I make up for it with more exercise and eating a little bit less earlier in the day and maybe the next day, too. Consider whether what you're eating is worth the long term health problems it may bring, or the guilt and self-admonishing you'll go through later. You're only hurting yourself by eating poorly (and your kids who you may not be there for later if you don't take care of yourself now). Each bite count, as does each move. Good luck!!

    Answer by musicpisces at 7:13 PM on Apr. 18, 2011

  • Portion Control. I drink alot of water. That makes me feel full. Don't starv yourself until the next meal. Graze all day. It's better to have 6 small meals than 3 big ones. Never run on empty. Good luck to you.

    Answer by Jerzymom at 7:47 PM on Apr. 18, 2011

  • I know and it seems like every time I turn around there is another holiday- kids birthday, easter, anniversary, mother's day, father's day, 4th of july. Ugh. It is a dieter's nightmare. What I do is pick and choose. Easter is coming up and I am going to eat normal that day. Mother's day this year I will be with my own mother for the first time in probably 10 years so that is going to be a big event. Father's day I will eat normal. 4th of July I will eat semi-normal- going to probably be at my parent's house for bbq so instead of big greasy gut burger I will have my dad add some grilled chicken to the menu.

    Answer by natural.mama at 8:12 AM on Apr. 19, 2011

  • it's all about portions...during holidays i don't believe in fully depriving yourself (b/c that usually causes binging at some point), but it's about smaller portions, everything i'll eat on holidays- from pies to turkey or whatever, i eat half (or less) than i normally would. that way i get the taste, but don't over eat...i also use salad plates instead of big dinner plates, when you physically have less room to put the food on- that vastly helps portion control (i do this regularly actually)..and never get seconds!!! it's mind over matter, hun

    Answer by lexi8622 at 12:25 PM on Apr. 19, 2011