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Trying to get in touch with old HS friend. She writes me back saying she wants nothing to do with me, with no explaination why! I am very heart broken and don't want to give up trying. What should I do?

I have known "Betty" since we were in the 6th grade. Our birthdays are a day apart and every year up until we were 20, celebrated our b-days together. She also lived 2 blocks away from me and were together always. I got pregnant when I was 21 and slowly stopped hanging out, since I couldn't party any more. We basically lost contact with each other, but our moms still talk to each other and another weird thing is Betty's little sister is in my little sister's wedding. Anyway, about a year ago, I gathered up the courage to friend request her, and I was denied. So I wrote her. No reply. I wrote to her asking what happened to us and how much I miss her. No reply. I write her again and say if there is anything I did, I am truely sorry. No reply. a few months go by and I write to her again asking what did I do! She replies with this, " Quit writing me! You're weird..Get over it!" I am just so shocked at how insensitive she is acting! And one of the main reasons I was trying to reach out to her is because she has a baby now, raising it on her own. I am really heart broken that she wants nothing to do with me and we were best friends. I don't want to give up, but am I just wasting my time?


Asked by RubyBlue82 at 5:49 PM on Apr. 20, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (14)
  • Have your mother ask her mother.

    Maybe she went through something traumatic & has changed. She sounds terribly bitter. Do you remember her being harsh like that when you were friends? Was it in her character to be that way when you were young?

    I would talk to my mother about it & have her tell HER mother that you are really hurt by her repy & very confused as t why she doesn't like you anymore. I would also talk to her little sister at your sisters wedding. I would have to get to the bottom of it. It would really bother me not knowing what her problem is, i would have to figure it out.

    Answer by samurai_chica at 5:55 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • Sadly, Yes... I am afraid that you should respect her wishes. You could have your mom pass on to her mom that you would still like to keep up with her, but I would stop trying to contact her.

    Answer by m-avi at 5:51 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • You seriously need to give up on this. She cant tell you more direct then she has. Friends grow apart things happen. If she is acting like this then its not worth your time in trying to change her mind. You deserve better friends.

    Answer by Mel30248 at 5:51 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • I think the best thing you can do is respond with something like "I'm sorry you feel that way—good luck" and then forget about it. She's an adult. If she's not interested in associating with you, you've got to respect that.

    Answer by SWasson at 5:54 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • I'm sorry that is weird! IDK what to say but maybe she thinks something happened that didn't. Not sure what to tell you but I'm sorry you're hurt. :(

    Answer by ktinaza at 5:52 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • My instinct would be to write her back and tell her she was being a b!tch and that I did absolutely nothing but be a friend to her in the past so her loss... I may regret that later. I guess I would give up and see if I couldn't collect some info from another source.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 5:53 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • Does she have you confused with some else? OR is there more to this story... Or is she crazy.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:54 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • Honestly after the first message didn't get replied to, I would have let it go.  Obviously she doesn't feel the way you do and that's okay, she doesn't have to.  You feel the way you do and tried to do something about it but it didn't work.  She told you how she felt and to be honest, I'd just let it go.


    Answer by MrsHouston47302 at 5:52 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • She said to get over it, like something happened to end the friendship beside you having a baby and not having time to hang out...

    Answer by virginiamama71 at 5:52 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • Maybe you should give her the space that she wants. She might not be mad at you, she might be mad at the situation she's in. If she is mad at you just except that some relationships come to an end. You'll make more friends!

    Answer by Alexias30 at 6:02 PM on Apr. 20, 2011