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How do you do it?

How do you get your young children to clean their room?

(under the age of 10)

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Asked by MamaCortney at 5:57 PM on Apr. 20, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (8)
  • When my son (2) is almost ready for bed I tell him lets clean up and I help him, when he puts something away I make a big deal and say yay Tyson!! And tell him thank you, he is proud :)

    Answer by ktinaza at 5:59 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • For my son, I start taking toys away. He is only 3 so I help him by saying " put all your cars where they go" if he doesn't then I take them away for a day....

    Answer by BabyBugsmama at 5:59 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • It's taken years but they do it now. They are 10, 9, 8 and 5. What I had to do, though was take almost all their toys away so they had very little to make a mess with (they don't even miss the stuff I took away), organize their rooms so everything had an exact place and show them exactly how I wanted their room done. Then they either do it or they sit in their room all day. No TV, no going outside, only coming out to eat and use the bathroom. For the older 2 girls (10 and 8) that don't really play with Barbies and the dollhouse it's a pretty big incentive since there is nothing else to do in the room besides read which they don't like doing. The 5yo doesn't like being left in there alone when everyone else is watching TV so she does her chores, too.
    They just have no choice. They either clean their room or they do nothing else. The last thing they want is for me to do it because I'll take all their toys away.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 6:03 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • chicldren act by example so if you look stressed or bumed that its time to clean well so will they.. I love when my house looks good so I make it a point to express in front of my kinds "wow it looks great doesnt it" and if you look content cleaning guess what?? the youngest will jump in they mock us. Instead of using the "we can play after we clean" try " lets play while we clean"

    Put the radio on or your kids fav songs cd and dance while you clean or race like here i do a fast pick up this is like if we have last minute company coming we have a 3 song rule we each clean as fast as we can until we have heard 3 songs- youd be surprised how much can get done in 15 minutes when everyone chips in!


    Answer by Ihold8Stars at 6:04 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • My 4 and 5 year old clean up their own rooms.  I sweep though their floors though.  When I think of them sweeping I get the mental image of them sucking up their curtains and the curtains and my vacuum are destroyed, lol.  They each have a storage box in their closets for their shoes.  Then they have a storage box under their tables for their undies.  They have a toy box to put their toys.  After about a week of teaching them where everything goes, they now do it themselves.  I'm not sure I'm understanding the question.  I just tell them to go get their rooms clean and they go do it.


    Answer by MrsHouston47302 at 6:01 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • my son is three and he has simple chores he has do, and gets to put a sticker on a chart when he does it, at the end of the week he gets to put money in his piggy bank. He gets 10cents for every chore. So he can earn up to a dollar if he does the chore every day of the week. And at the end of the month we take the piggy bank to get cash for the change and he gets to pick out a toy.
    SO I would say make a sticker chart if 3-5 years old. 6-10 years old give a dollar for every week that they do it.
    I started my 3 year old son cleaning his toys when he was 1, i would say to him pick it up and help me put it in the toy box. He now is doing it by himself on most days. There are days where he refuses to but i then just say fine no toys for the rest of the day then.

    Answer by at 6:02 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • Put it away or I THROW IT AWAY usually works :-D

    Answer by zoejains_momma at 6:04 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • i turn on some music and we make a game out of it

    Answer by AJMcGuire at 6:25 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

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