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What kind of reward system do you use for your kiddos chores?

I have little kids and a pretty good system in place.. but.. I'm wanting comparison notes...


Asked by FingerPainter at 11:27 PM on Apr. 20, 2011 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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Answers (11)
  • My cousin has a points system. E.G. 10pts for doing your chores, 5pts for sharing toys with your brother, etc. Then a chart of what to buy
    * Trip just with daddy 50pts
    * Ice cream cone 20 pts
    * Trip to Toys R Us 100pts

    Answer by stenhouse_baby at 8:45 PM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • I honestly don't give rewards openly to my children for doing their chores. I tell them that we are all apart of this family and we all have to help each other out and do our part around the house. If they are offered allowances then they think that every little thing they do around the house they should get paid for it. Not that I am against allowances, it just doesn't work in my home. I don't mean to sound harsh thats just what works with us.

    Answer by firepony at 12:32 AM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • My kids are 10, 9, 8 and 5. There is really no reward system. They do their chores or they sit in their beds until they want to do them. Meanwhile their friends are outside playing or siblings that did their chores are playing video games/watching TV. For the 3 girls it's beneficial to work together to clean and keep clean their room. I haven't had too much trouble the last few months.
    If they are really good they get a special treat but they never know when or how they will get it. My 8yo dd got up the other day and cleaned the whole house before I got up. She cleaned the counters, sink, unloaded the dishwasher, picked up all the toys and stuff in both living rooms and was getting ready to clean the bathroom. My husband bought her a Blizzard on his way home as a surprise for being so nice and helping without being asked.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 3:12 AM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • The reward is follwing God's rule to honor thy father and mother. I expect them to do chores becuase we are a family unit. The reward is praise and love!

    Answer by JoLee12345 at 9:06 AM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • i dont beat them lol no my kids dont really have chores that they stick to i normally think they go to school all day and i dont work so i take care of house

    Answer by flipper4u21 at 9:22 PM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • I have a star chart we use for behavior but when he gets a little older im going to use if for chores. So I would give him a star a day if he does all his chores and than when he adds up a certain amount of stars he gets to pick something special to do like going to the park or renting a movie! Its kinda nice to not have them getting money at such a young age. But than again when i was a kid i wanted to earn money so depends on your kid :) hehe

    Answer by PregoMamaHolly at 9:42 PM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • My DD is almost 9 and my DS is 5. The each start the week with their allowance ($10 for DD $5 for DS) and they have a list of 10/5 chores. They get 1 reminder only to do their daily designated chores and if they don't do them by 6pm each day they have to pay me $1 per skipped chore.

    Answer by daina82 at 11:37 PM on Apr. 20, 2011

  • I dont have a chore system yet for my son. I need to start one. He's 6.

    Answer by dixiegurl223626 at 8:07 AM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • We don't do rewards...We basically take the approach that we are the parents and they are the children and do what they are told...Although the only "chores" they have are keeping their rooms clean...So there's really no need for rewards there because that's a given...

    Answer by MelissaBK at 4:11 PM on Apr. 21, 2011

  • i agree with firepony i dont pay my kids to do things that make family living possible......know if its above making family life possible they get some kind of reward like renting a movie or the newest video game or money to save for something they want......

    Answer by cara124 at 11:46 AM on Apr. 22, 2011