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The past few days, my son has been refusing to nap. He's a few days shy of 5 months and has always naped twice a day.
I know they change the times they sleep every few weeks...But is ok for him to go all day without sleeping?
Like this kid refuses to sleep! Help!


Asked by MommaWoods at 9:46 PM on Dec. 2, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (10)
  • my daughter stopped taking naps around that happy to get one nap outta her thru the day...sometimes i get lucky enough to have two naps from her...the best part is that it definitely effects their sleeping thru the night well...everything has a cost right ^.^

    Answer by Killemo at 12:16 AM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • Has something changed in his routine? Is he nursing?

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:48 PM on Dec. 2, 2008

  • He doesnt nurse and I havent changed anything...he just wont sleep

    Answer by MommaWoods at 9:53 PM on Dec. 2, 2008

  • If he's not cranky about not napping I would say maybe he's just changing his sleeping habits. Can you lay him down in a quiet somewhat dark room and leave him will he fall asleep eventually or do you have to put him to sleep usually?

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:59 PM on Dec. 2, 2008

  • I have a child who will NOT sleep either - but he was like that from birth and when he went through growth spurts, even though I was always told he'll sleep more -that's when he slept LESS and he was clearly in need of one but he just wouldn't sleep - our swing helped a ton but I did car rides, not enough where he NEEDED Them but on those days he just would not sleep, the am station fuzzy radio always worked to knock him out too - or you could do a bath with some calming therapy in it - they have all natural ones from california baby I bought at target - good luck - I know it's hard -if it continutes too long like weeks, I would consult a doctor because a lack of sleep can have developemental delays but some kids also just DO NOT Sleep - hopefully he's sleeping good at night though

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 10:06 PM on Dec. 2, 2008

  • Normally I hold him for about 30 seconds and he's out, then I lay him down. He fights sleeping really bad. He arches his back, kicks, punches and screams. I don't know whats up with him. If I do get him to sleep, he wakes up within 20 minutes. He does sleep all night though. 9:45 to about 7...

    Answer by MommaWoods at 10:09 PM on Dec. 2, 2008

  • My DD went though that for a week or so at that age..... it was aweful.... she was just changing her routine again and it got really outa wack for a while.... it'll prolly return to a new "normal" for you in a few dayz.... srry about the lack of naps... I know I depend on a few mommy times during the day!!! ahahha

    Answer by BabyDio at 10:12 PM on Dec. 2, 2008

  • he could be teething, my son will not sleep when he's teething but he also will not chew on his hands or drool either -he just crys and won't sleep - like what you said with the punching and arching - my son went through these teething periods for 2 months before an actual tooth showed up - its like their gums are getting prepared for it - and it can still hurt - IDK - I am a first time mom and don't have many answers - sorry and I wish you the very best of luck

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 10:16 PM on Dec. 2, 2008

  • Could he have an upset stomach if he's arching his back? If he sounds like he's in pain talk to the doctor about gas drops or look at any new foods he's been eating for allergies. Otherwise, it's probably time to let him learn to self-soothe and go to sleep on his own without rocking. Babies still need 2 naps until atleast 1 year old, usually longer and need 1 nap well into 2-3 years old so it will mess with his general demeanor to get no naps during the day. Does he have set naptimes? A consistent nap schedule will help his body get accustomed to going to sleep at certain times and really be consistent with it, don't rush in there every time he fusses. Some babies get overtired and cranky and need to fuss a bit before falling asleep. Good luck!

    Answer by .Amanda.Dawn. at 1:41 AM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • Well every day at about 9:45 am I start trying to get him asleep. But he throws a fit! So I moved it to 11am yesterday (for his morning nap) and he went down for about 20 minutes. Then at about 5pm he went down for about an hour...His sleep schedule changes every day though. And I don't want to be that Momma thats trying have her kid sleep all day- because I want him to play and learn but I know when he starts crying,he's tired...

    Answer by MommaWoods at 9:38 AM on Dec. 3, 2008