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Do you think the kids who are sheltered will be the first ones to do wrong?

for hide nude scenes from your kids, will those kids be the first to want to explore?

you try to sensor violent language..will those be the first to mis-use a bad word after they've heard it?

you never allow your kids to watch a violent scene with guns or anything...will those kids have interest in a weapon if they were to come across one?

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Asked by shay1130 at 10:45 AM on Apr. 23, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (16)
  • Yes, curiosity killed the cat!!!!

    Answer by older at 10:46 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • I think so. My little cousin who is now a teenager seems to be acting out and I just think it is because of how sheltered my aunt had her. im sure if my uncle were still alive things would be different.

    Answer by soon2bmmy at 10:47 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • Not necessarily. It depends on how they're sheltered from it and what kind of discussions the parents have about it with them.
    For example, I try not to cuss in front of my kids (ages 7 and 9) and I don't rent movies for them that have bad or sexual language simply because I don't think it's appropriate at this age and I don't want them repeating the words or phrases. However, we do talk about bad language--they know it's out there, they know what some of the words are, and they know they shouldn't use them.
    I think it's unrealistic when people expose their kids all the time to graphic language or behavior where it's being portrayed as normal, and then expect their kids not to become acclimated to it.

    Answer by vicesix at 10:48 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • No. That is too simplistic. I see where you are going with this question,though.

    Answer by minnesotanice at 10:52 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • I don't know if it is always like that. I know a friend of mine from high school, whose parents never let her do anything or have any freedom, went away to college and made super poor choices. Beacause she was never allowed to make choices or mistakes before that. I never did some of the things she did and I had a lot of freedom growing up. (not that i was perfect, but I just did different things earlier)

    Answer by Bubbie0809 at 10:58 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • No, that statement is too broad. Not everyone who is sheltered runs to what was hidden from them. Everyone is different. Most of the people I've ever known whose parents let them watch movies geared toward adults and showed nudity were the ones who were "exploring" by high school if not before. The ones raised around violence showed the interest in fighting and guns. More than one of those people is in jail today. The people I knew exposed to smoking and drinking are all doing it, most to excess. Then again some of those I knew exposed to these things didn't follow those examples. Again everyone is different. Not everyone can be painted with the same brush.

    Answer by wildflowers25 at 11:06 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • I like your answer wildflowers25.

    Answer by minnesotanice at 11:15 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • My mom had me so sheltered because she was afraid I was too stupid to do the right thing. when it was said and done I ran wild and it made her wish she was teaching me how to do the right thing.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 11:16 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • No I do not believe that.

    Answer by meooma at 11:21 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

  • Nope. My children were sheltered from a lot of that stuff, and not one of them ever ran amok. I think you have to give them the reasons as to why we avoid such things so that you are building a foundation within them to avoid them for themselves when the time comes.

    Answer by NannyB. at 11:24 AM on Apr. 23, 2011

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