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How do I make a change? adult content

Diabetes, heart disease and cancer run rampant in my family. My dh & I have health issues and mine have caused me to follow a very strict diet and life style changes.

I'm concerned about my kids and have slowly been trying to get them into a healthier diet. (Although, their diet wasn't to bad to begin with, but it did need some tweeks.)

One area that I'm concerned about is a habit that we kinda just fell into that I'm now trying to break. My kids expect a treat whenever we leave the house for good behavior. It has worked well for us, but I would like to cut out all that candy. We usually spend about $2 - $3 a week.

I was thinking of temporary weaning them onto cheap dollar store toys or art stuff. (crayons, ect) spending close to the same amount. Then maybe later weaning them off of that, gently.

I know they would rather have candy than a toy. I'm hoping for some advice or suggestions on how to give up the candy treats without too much upset.

Thanks for any thought. :-)

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:14 PM on Apr. 24, 2011 in Health

Answers (9)
  • Healthy snack? fresh fruit? Some of the moms on cm have a long list of great healthy food snacks. Sorry I'm not much help. Congratulations for making such a healthy life style change for your entire family. Good luck.


    Answer by meooma at 3:17 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • In my experience, you have to just do it. My daughter is a HUGE sugar fiend and will eat nothing but popsicles and cake if I'd let her. For two whole weeks last summer that's exactly what she did... refused to eat ANYTHING unless it was sweet. Until I put my foot down and said absolutely NOT, you have to eat your pasta/carrots/sandwich/whatever, you MAY NOT have the sweets. After a week of struggles she was fine. We have slip ups now and then, mostly whenever her dad goes grocery shopping with us (he's big into junk food).

    You can start with just giving the candy every other time you go out, but you're still going to have to put your foot down. The toy idea is wonderful!

    Answer by Ati_13 at 3:18 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • Treats do not have to be junk food/candy. It can be a quarter or healthy food.

    Answer by louise2 at 3:21 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • You said that you want to get your children into a healthier diet. I can only think about preparing the snacks at home you and the kids can make popcorn and mix it with dehydrated fruit, and nuts. Make your own caramel apples. etc.

    Answer by MMXI at 3:21 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • Why reward for good behaviour? I don't since it's a requirement that they act a certain way. Rewards are for other things such as doing extra chores without being asked too.

    I would stop. If you feel that cold turkey would be too harsh...tell them for every week that they are good, they get to pick out a $5 toy of their choice.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 3:22 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • Jade, I disagree, reward for good behavior is equally important as punishment for bad behavior. Positive reinforcement is MUCH more motivational than negative, for children as well as adults. Praise a child for good behavior (rewards, whatever they may be in your house) and he/she will repeat it, plus it's good for their self-esteem and the general morale of your home. If you never tell a child they're doing a good job then they never feel like they can please you, and children CRAVE their parent's approval. If all you ever get is negative reinforcement you feel inadequate, like you can't ever do anything right.

    Praise is important!

    Answer by Ati_13 at 3:28 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • Ati_13. Monetary and snack rewards are not necessary for positive reinforcement. Praise can be just as good of a reward. That's my feeling on it.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 3:33 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • Chewing gum, home made mini bran muffins, nuts/seeds, dried fruit, sticers, stamps, tattoos.

    Answer by QandA at 4:31 PM on Apr. 24, 2011

  • praise them for their good work and if they want a reward then give it accordingly like for instance if they clean their room ask them if they would prefer a couple dollars to save for something they really want or would they prefer art supplies; or a coloring book or a reading book; this has helped with my boys and they enjoy saving their money to put towards something they really want. Give them healthy snacks like popcorn, pretzels, granola bars, multi grain bars; things like that. I have a list that I go by as to how much or what my children get for doing things around the house so if you want more ideas PM and I'll give them to you. Good luck and congratulations on trying to make a healthier lifestyle for your kids

    Answer by Christmaslver68 at 9:29 AM on Apr. 25, 2011

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