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Do you think my doctor will induce me?

I'm in so much pain, I got 27 days left till my due date and I can't take the pain anymore. Is this mean should I ask the doctor to induce me or wait out the pain?
It hurts so much to rest also it's not even funny sometimes I can't even move when I wake up because of the pain and even a pillow between my legs don't work.
Last time I went for an ultrasound was like three in a half weeks ago and my baby was already more then 5 pounds.
I go to the doctors tomorrow what should I do? Should I ask him or wait it out?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:59 AM on Dec. 3, 2008 in Pregnancy

Answers (21)
  • Ask your DR. there could be other things why you are hurting. Maybe the baby is bigger than expected but I would hold off and suck it up if you can. Babies shouldn't be born before they are ready.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:01 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • talk to your dr about the pain but he wont induce you unless its serious harm for you or your child

    Answer by krazyash023 at 12:02 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • There could be something else other than pregnancy related, i'd talk to your doc and see if they can find out what it is.

    Answer by armywife43 at 12:02 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • when the docs give you a weight like that they are always wrong.

     I told my doc that I wanted to be induced at 38 weeks. and that's what we did. Try the cytotec pill it's for indigestion (they use it for induction) they crush it and insert it in you. That way if your not ready then your not. Plus I don't do needles and all that. So that way I never had an IV.


    Answer by Anonymous at 12:05 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • He might induce you, you could always ask. Explain what's going on... it's not true that they only induce if there's serious harm involved. Sometimes they do it b/c the mom is just so uncomfortable- if the baby is big enough.... etc

    Answer by AshJoe05 at 12:05 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • You should wait another week or two before asking for induction. The closer to forty weeks the better. You don't say why you are in pain, Are you having contractions? Is it just the pregnancy itself is so uncomfortable?
    Definitely TELL the doc at your visit you are having a hard time coping. This will prepare them for the need to induce you in the next week or so. You should be seen every week so you can keep them up to date.
    I had the same problem with contractions and they broke my water at 38 weeks for me.

    Answer by lovinangels at 12:07 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • "Just so uncomfortable" Suck it up your supposed to carry the baby to term as long as there is no heath risk to the baby or mother.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:07 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • Baby's lungs are probably not developed. There are other solutions to pain. Talk to your doc about those. Let baby come when it's ready.

    Answer by riotgrrl at 12:11 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • The end is very uncomfortable. Can't breathe and all. I know been there 4 times. But it's better to wait at least a few more weeks. I am sure that you don't want to have a baby that would end up staying in ICU or something cause the lungs needed a few more weeks.


    Answer by bizima4 at 12:11 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

  • I have 17 days left and I'm MISERABLE. I can't breathe when I turn over at night and the pelvic pain is unbearable. Unfortunately, this is the last big hurdle we have to go through in pregnancy, and your doctor probably isn't going to induce you unless it's medically necessary.

    Answer by caitxrawks at 12:12 PM on Dec. 3, 2008

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