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Are you an Inconsiderate Driver?

Either 90% of the people out there are inconsiderate drivers or I am just a magnet for them. Why do people drive like they are the only person on the road? What you do on the road directly affects the drivers around people not realize, or care about, this?

- Driving 15 mph below the speed limit when there is no not a passing zone for miles

- Passing someone on a freeway and then, as you get beside of them, go the same speed they are

- Pulling out in front of someone causing them to hit their breaks

- Going speed limit when in a passing zone and slowing down when not in a passing zone and then speeding back up when back in a passing zone...

- Not getting over for people as they are merging onto the freeway if you are able to

- Not dimming your bright lights as another vehicle passes or when you are semi-close behind someone

There are more, I'm sure, but I'm so irritated after coming across a ^%*&(^*&%* on the way home this afternoon that I just can't think straight.

These kinds of things happen to me so often that I'm seriously starting to wonder if people do this kind of stuff to me on purpose. Do these people just not care? Do they not think? Are they not paying attention to what is around them? Are they psychos trying to cause someone to go into road rage so that they can sue them?


Asked by AllAboutKeeley at 4:21 PM on Apr. 25, 2011 in Travel

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Answers (13)
  • There are inconsiderate drivers everywhere I go in my city. Makes me mad.

    Where is a cop when you need one? They are never around when there's a moron driving near you.

    Answer by Simplicity3 at 4:34 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • I actually think I'm pretty considerate. The only things I do wrong are:

    1) If you tailgate me and I feel threatened because you are too close, I will slow down to try to get you to go around or at least have the crash be slower.

    2) Even if there is only 1 lane going my way, I will not go more than 5-7 mph over the limit to make you happy. Deal. If I am slow or lost, I will pull over and let you by (I will always go at least 5mph over if I feel it's safe).

    3) If you are going slow, erratic or trying to crash into my car by any means possible, and I pass you and you are on the phone, I may roll my eyes.

    I always let people into my lane, out of side streets, etc when I can. I used to be evil about letting people in when they ride the shoulder till the last second because they're too important to be in slow traffic, but I'm better now that I have kids. Bad drivers really don't make me angry any more. Just sad.

    Answer by Tracys2 at 4:56 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • No. Where I live, most drivers are considerate though speeding is common .

    Answer by janet116 at 4:23 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • I do not like when people drive close to me, when I am going the speed limit, cannot speed up cause of the cars in front of me, than when given the chance to pass, they do and speed up look over like I am the cause of it, than they get in front of me to do the same thing to the car in front of them. All that to end up going the same speed they were behind me, like they did not see all the other cars ahead.

    Answer by virginiamama71 at 4:23 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • No one on the ONE ROAD to get to my house from my DHs work goes the freakin speed limit. Granted it changes from 40-45-50 a couple times, but I drive 7 miles on the same freakin road and I can't stand how many people do exactly what you said. I wanna ram into the back of them and make them get out of the freakin way. UGH!!!!! I am so with you on this one.

    Answer by bdflykisses at 4:26 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • I think I am too considerate! People around here drive like lunatics, it's no wonder there is an accident every morning and evening. Driving way too fast in the city limits, cutting people off so they can get ONE car ahead, I swear half of these people never heard of a turn signal. I think these people just don't care. Most of the time they are on their phones even though it is illegal to use your phone when driving, so sometimes they probably don't even realize they are driving like buttheads.

    Answer by nmmama09 at 4:27 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • i hate driving in my area. last year i was rear ended real hard because the woman pulled out into traffic and reached down for a map that fell at her feet while punching the gas to keep up with what she thought traffic was doing....SMASH. now i am such a paranoid driver and dont get me started on the insurance company and medical bills!

    Answer by ThatBoysMom at 4:30 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • I'm a considerate driver until someone pisses me off. If somebody gets on my ass, I slow down or slam on the breaks. If someone doesn't turn their brights off, I flash them my brights. If someone is passing me and then they just stay beside me, I speed up. Either that or I'll slow way the hell down so the bastards get ahead of me. People who drive like that irk me.

    Answer by proudmom2510 at 4:30 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • The getting over people as they are merging onto the freeway if possible thing. They do not have to. The person getting onto the freeway is suppose to yield and stop if necessary coming onto the freeway.

    What bothers me the most is I will be driving in town going the speed limit and people act like I am driving slow. Most people around here drive(in town) 10miles per hour over the speed limit it seems


    Answer by louise2 at 4:36 PM on Apr. 25, 2011

  • i try to be considerate! these days you never know when another driver is packin' heat, and is likely to get back at you for pissing them off.
    btw..OP, do you have a permit for that gun??? j/k! lol!

    Answer by dullscissors at 4:50 PM on Apr. 25, 2011