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We should be communists? WTH are they smoking?

I just don't understand why everyone all of a sudden wants to give up everything they worked for. I know you guys like your minivans with the soccer mom stickers and bar-b-qing on the weekend. Why do you hand it all over so easily? Yes, lets go be communists cause I want to see your face when you get told...

1. Your son (and/or daughter remember it's about EQUALITY) MUST serve in the military for 2 or more years after high school.
2. No more sports cars, or designer tags, or shoot, okay, so every one will drive a powder blue Prius. period
3. Your child may pick one thing to be good at, no wait, the gov will pick something for them and then take all responsibility of raising them.
4.Hell, why keep the kid after birth? We are all EQUAL so the gov will just take Jr. after we pop them out.
5. Don't like your job? Tough, what are you going to do about it?

Have we really gotten so dumb that we don't look to see what socialism and communism has done to others? Take the facts of what they are and lay them over YOUR DAILY LIFE. It is not we all get rich, it is we will all be poor. It's eaiser to take away from what you do have than it is to give what you don't.

Proud solider, mother to three, and wife of a stay at home dad.

BTW...don't you even think of being able to stay at home if we are communists, you don't get the RIGHT, much less a choice.

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Asked by Audrice1985 at 2:36 AM on May. 1, 2011 in Politics & Current Events

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    wow this is filled with way too much ignorance to even give a thoughtful response.

    Answer by kayslay at 2:59 AM on May. 1, 2011 (hidden) + expand

  • What exactly is ignorant? I might have gotten a little sarcastic but if you understand the actual realities of the idea, I believe I am very right.

    Comment by Audrice1985 (original poster) at 3:02 AM on May. 1, 2011

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    i understand the realities of the "idea" very well and it's exactly why i disagree with everything your saying. Name one example of a real communist country where the above mentioned "facts" have taken place as a result of it's institution.

    You can't, because none of the countries claiming to be or otherwise labled as communists are actually true communist countries. It's like calling the westboro baptist church christians. They just distort and idea to profit.

    It's wrong to label an idea as bad solely because it has been misused and improperly executed by others. I think communism and socialism are fantastic ideals and if we didn't have the corruption, greed, hunger for power, etc etc it would be great.

    Answer by kayslay at 3:12 AM on May. 1, 2011 (hidden) + expand

  • But they are "ideals" which mean in real life, can not happen. I have heard of them working in communes, but those eventually fail.

    Russia had (don't know about now) mandatory military service. All males, once 18, served. All the rest is an extrapolation of how GOV will enforce the equality needed to maintain a perfect communist state. It has never been achieved nor will it ever.

    The basic human want to "own" things and to have things to "reach" for defeats communism and socialism. I can't understand why anyone would even try to reach for those ideals.

    Comment by Audrice1985 (original poster) at 3:18 AM on May. 1, 2011

  • Oh yeah, and remember the Russian gymnasts and Olympic champions? If I remember correctly they were taken from there parents when they showed promise.

    Comment by Audrice1985 (original poster) at 3:20 AM on May. 1, 2011

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    Russia was not really a communist country though so to quote that what happened there is what happens when you strive towards communist ideals is misleading and not truthful.

    "Communism is a sociopolitical movement that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption, and the end of wage labour and private property in the means of production and real estate" < not russia

    I do not agree that the want to "own things" is a basic human instinct I believe that it is a learned behavior and a symptom of the systems to which we grow up. Communism does not distinguish a desire to reach above. It is really sad to me that so many people can not invision doing anything for any reason other than money or having some special gadget that their neighbor doesn't have.

    Answer by kayslay at 3:29 AM on May. 1, 2011 (hidden) + expand

  • I agree with the ideal, don't get me wrong. And cold war russia was as close to true communism as it ever got. We as a people will never tolerate being told where to live, where to work, what we can wear, all that is a by product of your definition.

    Comment by Audrice1985 (original poster) at 3:33 AM on May. 1, 2011

  • Why would I want to reach for those ideals?

    Because I want to see us evolve into a more mature and sustainable society that values all human beings and not just the individual. I want to see our resources responsibly used and used to the benefit of all and not just the select few. Capitalism will never work in the long run, it just won't. It might be working decent now for most of us (some better than others) but it just can't sustain forever. I'm not saying that communism is achieveable for us (at this time or the near future) but it is certainly imo an system of belief far greater than what we have now.

    Answer by kayslay at 3:39 AM on May. 1, 2011

  • I think you still misunderstand the ultimate goal of communist theorists. The aim isn't to have a society where everyone is told where to live how to live, where to work, etc etc. sadly that has been how it has been abused in other attemps but that is not the idea. Much of what you are describing are symptoms of the current system we live in. For a "free" country we are not as free as we want to believe. Sure I would take living here than many other places in the world but to think there are not forces of oppression in the US is putting ones head in the sand. I feel like we are more a slave to our system than what would be seen in ideal communism.


    Answer by kayslay at 3:47 AM on May. 1, 2011

  • "The free-enterprise system does create incentive to achieve, however it also breeds the incentive for corruption, theft, and greed. Our aim is to encourage a new incentive system, one no longer directed toward the shallow and self-centered goals of wealth, property, and power. Today, financial barriers place enormous limitations on innovation, individual creativity, and personal incentive."

    I'm going to bed now, I'll leave it at that. I don't mean to jump on you I just get passionate about it when people seem to have the wrong idea about what something is and is not. I see where you are coming from and much to my dismay there are a far greater number of people out there who are coming from the same place you are. I don't agree that we're on the slipery slope that your OP alledges, but we're definitely in need of SOME sort of change that will start benefitting the majority in the middl and not just the very top and bottom.

    Answer by kayslay at 3:59 AM on May. 1, 2011

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