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Frustrated with the system

I see these cop shows on tv. They track down some guy into mexico and all over the us.
I understand he's committed a horable crime and needs to be off the streets.
But I can't help but think, if they'd use these tracking or whatever systems they use to find these people for one month, how many dead beat parents could they find...
It really frustrates me that these parents are out living their life without a care or concern for the childen they've left behind. Isn't not paying child support also a crime?
My kids and are doing okay, they have their basic needs, and we're not on assistance, Etc... but how much money is spend on healthcare, food stamps and other programs - where if the other parent was involved financially the other parent wouldn't need these programs...
No, we can't make these people be parents nor would I want them to be against their will.. but they should still be held financially responsable..
Anyone with other suggestions?


Asked by Anonymous at 1:02 PM on May. 1, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (12)
  • It's a flawed system, to be sure. When you find the answer, let us know!!

    Answer by EgoTryptophan at 1:05 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • The most I have seen done is publishing the names of everyone who was behind in child support in the paper. It took up pages and pages of that county's paper!

    Answer by Mom-2-3-Girlz at 4:37 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • There ARE actual company's that DO track down deadbeats for parents who have a court order for support. They cost ALLOT of $$ and even then the custodial parent has to pay all the court costs to drag them back to court to force the support.

    Answer by vbruno at 1:04 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • Give this suggestion to your local child enforcement office.

    Answer by meooma at 1:07 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • Sounds good in theory but here's the catch: different courts handle each case you mention.

    That horrible criminal that they track all over the place probably has a warrant from criminal court.
    Deadbeat parents are handled through family court. From my understanding the MOST that family court can do is issue a wage garnishment if the deadbeat is in contempt of child support orders AND the custodial parent pursues the contempt.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 1:08 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • The reason they cant do it is each department has so much money in funding. If they used those resources (which are costly) then they would have nothing left to enforce the orders already in place, or for new workers to help new moms and dads coming in for help. My ex was MIA for over 2 yrs and never paid his child support. I called every week and finally found him myself. Our CSE worker called him, he was on vacation at Disneyland with his flavor of the month. I used my own money, investigative tools etc and located him and got child support that way.

    Answer by gemgem at 1:14 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • I think it's a wonderful idea -- but then the deadbeat parent would just not work or something and still wouldn't be forced to pay support. Then they would end up in jail which would cost taxpayers even more. I dont receive ANY support from my DD dad -- so I know where your coming from!

    Answer by BaileysMom476 at 1:25 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • Are there not warrents put out for dead beat parents? It also, upsets me that everything from my credit score to urine test are done if I were to change jobs, yet I'm sure my ex is employed somewhere. They track sex offenders - why not dead beat parents? I know, different court systems. Well, maybe when the heathcare debate is over and if everyone has to pay for healthcare. Who's going to pay for my kids, me??? Or as its court ordered my ex? As it is, I pay for everything.
    Ha, another reason to close the borders - we can't keep track of the people we already have.
    I don't know, just ranting now.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:18 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • The programs I looked at to help track the other parent take like 26 - 33 % of the child support obtained. Maybe they could at least regulate that. Orginal order was $400 a month, id end up with like $150. A month.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:25 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • I think if the police would be only behind dads that dont pay there child support, people would be pretty upset, what about the robber and murderers?

    Answer by LittleBirdFly at 2:18 PM on May. 1, 2011