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My best friend stole from me

I am a person who is very picky about the company I keep. Because of this, I have just a handful of very close friends and people whom I trust in my home and with my children. My dauhter's godmother, my best friend, was caught taking prescription medicine from my cabinet once before. She told me that she was going to tell me.

Recently, my husband got a prescription for pain medicine refilled following surgery. The evening of the day it was refilled my husband noticed half of his bottle was gone. Unfortunately for my friend, I watched her take medicine before, she also happened to be the only other adult in my home that day, so I gave her an opportunity to come clean and give it back.

I should have done something different, but she left that night and ignored my calls and my house visits for a whole week. She came to my door yesterday reminding my husband of all the good things she has done for our family over the years and what kind of person do I think she is.

I wanted nothing more during that first week for another explanation to present itself but there is no other. I am heartbroken. I am an army wife who is thousands of miles from family. My children call her Auntie. I have been a depressed wreck for a week. I feel because she has been lying to her husband and herself for a whole week now, she may never come clean for fear of more shame and embarrassment. There is a piece of me that will never sit right because of this.

Most importantly, we don't have each others friendship and our husbands friendship may suffer as well. And my kids...they lose the only Aunt who has been physically close.

~sad, depressed, angry, betrayed

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:14 PM on May. 1, 2011 in Relationships

Answers (18)
  • It is very sad. She is a serious problem and hopefully will come to admit to it so she can get help. She will be losing some great people as a friend/family if she keeps this up.

    Answer by virginiamama71 at 1:17 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • I'm sure sorry, sister. Prayers for strength!

    Answer by matobe at 1:18 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • That's unfortunate. I hope u get it worked out. Idk what to say, my sister steals from me so she can't come over but I will meet her somewhere.

    Answer by emmyandlisa at 1:19 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • Seems to me she has a problem. I am in NO condoning what she did, but the need for drugs will make people to crazy stuff. She may have brought alot to your family and your children, but I say walk away, better yet, run away. I hope she has never watched your children while she was under the influence of these pills. You do not want this around your children. You MUST put your children first in this matter. You can not continue to be her friend and instill good values to your children. Stealing is a definite deal breaker for me. I would much rather be friendless than have someone I can not trust. IMO

    Answer by sunrisekn at 1:21 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • You have every right to feel hurt and betrayed. This is no way for a true friend to act. It might also help to consider that maybe she has a problem. Try approaching her gently. As a friend, not someone who is upset with her. It might be hard to regain trust, but if she is a good enough friend it would definetely be worth it to work through these issues with her!

    Answer by LeahsMommy361 at 1:21 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • *way

    Answer by sunrisekn at 1:21 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • hugsfeel betterFeel better in time. You've lost a relationship, allow yourself to go through the grieving process. Us Momma's are a LOT stronger and resilient that we give ourselves credit for.


    Answer by Rosehawk at 1:23 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • aww mama, maybe this will help you out, probably not though. just remember that you shouldnt need acceptance from others, i know she was close but if she doesnt want to get help to correct her stealing and possibly getting her high off of pills, then i wouldnt want to be involved in that. If she wants to be friends, then so be it but you shouldnt have to run to her to get her acceptance and her friendship. Take your time to morn but if she comes back, it may be because she wants something else and just keeps taking and taking. Take your time to accept she may not be in your life anymore but it isnt your fault.

    sounds like a girl my dad had dated once when i was little (not anymore), she was the most fun, loving person ever, bought me & my sister anything and everything but i heard from my aunt who used to be her BFF that she is on street drugs and no longer close.

    Answer by americansugar80 at 1:25 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • I would have called the police. It is not only theft but she is a drug addict. Why would you want that kind of person around your children?

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:34 PM on May. 1, 2011

  • It does really hurt to lose/end such a special friendship, but what else can you do? You will never trust her in your house again. I'd be wondering what other kids of things and how much has she stolen from me before. Maybe a new better trustworthy person will come into your life as a friend


    Answer by meooma at 1:42 PM on May. 1, 2011

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