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I need to lose 10 pounds in a month

Any suggestions?


Asked by amberpatterson at 1:39 AM on May. 3, 2011 in Diet & Fitness

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Answers (12)
  • I totally agree with Mom2Jack04 that eating clean is the way to go. NEVER go below 1200 calories a day- you slow your metabolism, which works against your goal, slowing your weight loss. Many women actually find they have to eat MORE to lose weight! Get moving, and eat right. I do agree that eating 5-6 times a day is best, and again, never less than 1200 calories a day. Please don't try those gimmicks- "cleanses," pills, shakes, etc. They're not worth the health risks, and they definitely don't work in the long run.

    Don't drink anything but water, and lots of it.  Increase your fruits and veggies.  Switch any refined grains to whole grain.  Get rid of processed foods.  You can do it!  Good luck!


    Answer by musicpisces at 9:19 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • DO NOT eat under 1000 calories per day! You have to eat at LEAST 1200 JUST for proper brain functions, digestion, blood flow and organ functions. Period. Calculate your BMR first, then you can figure out how many calories you need to maintain and lose.
    The most efficient way to lose weight is to eat the right balance of macronutrients, drink water and exercise. Eating cleanly is the best thing you can do in regards to diet( this means cut out processed foods). Cardio and strength training work hand in hand in weight loss. As you build muscle you will burn more fat in cardio.
    One thing to understand though is that if you are in a healthy range for your height and age, you will not lose weight. If you eat too little, you will go into starvation mode and your body will begin to store fat as fuel instead of burning it. You will begin to lose muscle mass as well.
    I am a fitness coach so let me know if you need help!

    Answer by mcginnisc at 8:28 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • Just drink lota of water, try to eat healthy and work out!!!

    Answer by ms.grumppy at 1:43 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • Lots of water, 30 minutes of cardio everyday and keep your calorie intake under 1,000 per day. Also stop eating 2 hours before you to go bed. That usually does the job for the average person. If you diet without cheating and exercise everyday you should lose aprox. 2-3 lbs per week. Make sure you also eat 5 small meals a day. If you constantly keep a small amount of food in your stomach instead of eating 3 bigger meals per day it will keep your metabolism going and it will help keep you energized. Good luck to you!

    Answer by Court128 at 3:10 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • Also try to eat as much whole grain foods instead of white breads as much as possible. If you need help bring structure to your diet try weight watchers. Their point system makes it a lot easier to keep track of your calorie intake and it's one of the easiest, healthiest and most successful diets out there.

    Answer by Court128 at 3:12 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • Don't take pills or do anything unhealthy like consuming too few calories. Eat clean, workout to burn 500-800 extra calories a day and 10 pounds in a month is very achievable!

    Answer by Mom2Jack04 at 9:09 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • Have several friends that are using the 17 day diet with rave reviews and lots of weight lost quickly. Havent tried it myself but you should be able to find information on it on the internet.

    Answer by berryhappy1971 at 1:41 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • What does the Adderall do that makes u lose weight??? I'm looking for an answer to that question too! lol

    Answer by meatums at 2:48 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • I would love to share with you my secret that is all natural health and wellness products such as protein shakes, energy drinks, detox, and chews that all curb your appetite tremendously and I lost 4 lbs in 2 days because it actually works honey! ha! I also have a friend who lost 10 lbs in 5 1/2 days!!!! Let me know if you would like more info! hope this helps you! thanks! and it is SAFE! no prescription drugs

    Answer by arbnmom at 8:57 AM on May. 3, 2011

  • Weight watcher, a lot of weight and working out. THAT combination could lose you up to like 4-6 lbs in your first week! AND it's something you can continue doing because it doesn't require you to stop eating! That is what I am doing, so I would like to send you a friend request!

    Answer by kbishop8688 at 7:25 PM on May. 3, 2011