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I was just reading the socialization question...

I don't plan on homeschooling, but that's not what I'm asking about, this is simply about socializing...

My oldest is starting school in June (for 4 wks) and then full time in Sept. Honestly, I can not wait!

Like the poster of the other question I live in a very small town. There aren't play groups or anything here. There IS a library but they don't have any thing there but books, there aren't reading groups or anything like I hear about on here. And the "park" is all of a patch of grass with a bunch of monuments in it surrounded by the main roads of town... So it's not really the place for kids to play.

I have a few friends with kids that are the same age as my kids, but I'll be honest, we are simply all to busy at all the wrong times. I talk to my friends at least a few times a week, but we don't get together. IF I'm home they aren't and visa versa. Our children have never even met.

I am home full time, but I work at home and have chores and my DH is only home (and awake) about 3 hours a day, which is my only time for laundry and such since we only have one car. So although I don't ever leave the house, I'm always busy. And I am the ONLY one of my friends who is a SAHM, the others all work at least PT.

The few times I have tried to make friends so that my children could have friends it lasted all of one visit and then the other mother and I simply couldn't handle being around each other any more. I'm simply not the kind of person who is willing to do the "white lie" thing just to make others feel better. (yes, I'm exactly the same way off line as I am online) I prefer work and education to socialization. But I don't want my children to miss out on friends.

I need something (cheap or free) where I can take my kids and not have to deal with the parents... Is there a such a place? We do drive them up to McDonalds to let them play there with other kids, but I hate them eating that food...

Is there a way to start a play group without having to deal with other parents? I know, it sounds crazy, but the idea of being around other moms makes me want to drive off the bridge (figuratively of course). I prefer my time to be educational or productive. I just can't sit and gossip or talk fashion all day. I'm not that kind of woman.

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Asked by SabrinaMBowen at 2:20 PM on May. 4, 2011 in General Parenting

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  • When you find one, Let me know so I can find one in my area.

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 2:25 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • Cheap, and free, and you don't have to deal with other parents- I don't think so. You can always invite kids to your house but then you'll be responsible for them. Why not try to plan a date in advance when you can get together with your friends and there children. Plan a large picnic for a month or so from now on a day where everyone is free.


    Answer by skittles1108 at 2:29 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • HAHA! I guess I'm looking for something where the kids can play and the parents don't expect you to be a part of some friendship group... I'm to the point where day care is looking good, just so the younger two aren't alone all day once my oldest starts school... But I don't really trust daycares.

    Comment by SabrinaMBowen (original poster) at 2:30 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • I was immediately going to say the library but then I read the whole question. Hmmm??? That really stinks that they don't offer infant/toddler play times at all there. I always brought my Son & I have to say it was great because you could just take out a book & let the kids interact & you really didn't have to socialize with the other Moms if you didn't want to. How about day camps in your area? Don't worry though about them missing out on interacting with other kids now. First, they still have each other & when they do start school they'll have tons of friends. It was so different when I was little. There were so many kids just playing outside in the neighborhood & riding bikes. Now it's so different. Kids hardly play outside at all anymore. I can't imagine my Mom setting up play dates for me! LOL!


    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 2:32 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • Maybe you could start a group or find not through I am part of a group thru that and am starting to make some mom friends (kind of). The idea of people you don't know dropping their kids off at your house is not realistic (unless you're a day are...) not all women talk about fashion and gossip all day. We have a childrens museum and a lot of parks that we go to so my kids can find other children to play with.

    Answer by bloomsr at 2:37 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • I live in a very small town too (1800ppl), and I absolutely abhor the gossip and crap with the other mothers. For the longest time I never even went to functions because I couldn't stand it. I do work full time so my situation is a little different, but my kids have never been friends with my friends kids. If you can put them in daycare maybe part time a couple days a week that might be a good option. Our children started sports at the age of 4 which was a great way for the children to play and spend time together and I never had to talk to any parent if I didn't want to. I never did play dates, once the kids were old enough they setup their own time for friend to come to our home. I just don't like dealing with other parents.

    Answer by blessedwboysx3 at 3:03 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • Do the schools have any kind of preschool program themselves? Often those are low to no cost. I see you're in PA.. is there any program similar to California's First 5?

    Answer by gdiamante at 3:28 PM on May. 4, 2011

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