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How can I get my bf to be more supportive of me. Everytime I say I want something to eat he say I don't want my baby fat (not the baby I'm carrying, he's talking about me) I tell him the weight will come off but he doesn't listen.

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Asked by msdouglas421 at 3:15 PM on May. 4, 2011 in Pregnancy

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Answers (9)
  • Your boyfriend's a douche. The best way to solve it is by dumping him.

    Answer by SleepyCupcake at 3:17 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • I guess it comes down to "kiss my ass, I'm hungry! when the baby is born I'll be back to me, for now this isn't about how fat I get, it's about the baby i am carrying!"

    Answer by zoejains_momma at 3:17 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • Remind him that you're going to gain weight regardless if you eat or if you don't. You have to eat to stay healthy for the baby...

    Answer by KennsWifey at 3:18 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • Doesn't sound like someone I would want to have a baby with

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:20 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • ive been tryin to get mine to listen forever baby due next month an i neeed sweets lol

    Answer by samanconnor at 3:34 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • I don't know about you but if my boyfriend said that to me I wouldn't listen. I'm pregnant I have the right to be a fat ass! I am very petite normally anyways, 104 pounds prepregnancy. So if he said that to me I'd say shut up!

    Answer by jessiskinner200 at 3:49 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • It just sounds like your not in a very healthy relationship. I hope you are able to just let him know it's important for you to eat and you should concentrate on the health of you and your baby and not his dumb remarks. I don't know your situation but it sounds like you might be better off without his negativity....

    Answer by oliviahw at 4:02 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • If he does this only when you are trying for candy/sweets/icecream/etc. then maybe he is worried about your health. But if he is doing this when you make good meal/snack choices, he seems to be being sort of rude here.

    I don't think you should necessarily avoid every 'craving' that you have, just limit yourself to the amount you eat of it.
    Have you tried talking to him about it? Maybe he doesn't understand it can be taken hurtful?

    Answer by mamawhit at 4:48 PM on May. 4, 2011

  • Screw him...he doesn't know what its like to be pregnant. Eat food! You need food. If he doesn't like it he can go suck it! My husband told me ONCE to slow down on the eating...I glared at him for a he doesn't tell me not to eat, even though I probably should slow down on the eating, but I'm so damn hungry all the time its really hard.

    You're supposed to get fat during pregnancy, it just happens, theres nothing you can do about it, unless you don't want a healthy baby. But don't get tooo over weight, but you do need to eat...don't listen to a man, listen to what your body tells you...if you're hungry, eat.

    Answer by monstersmommy20 at 3:08 AM on May. 6, 2011

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