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Seriously, how much game time is too much for a 6 year old?

Was over at my friend's house yesterday when her son got home from school. Without even taking off his backpack he was on the game system. When I asked her if he does this every day, she said he did, and she was glad because it got him off her back so she could deal with his sister. She actually encouraged him to keep playing through dinner and let him eat on the floor while he played. This is not a good or even fair student. She called me last month to complain about his last report card, which was all D's and one F. In kindergarten? How do you get an F in kindergarten? The teacher called her especially about his card, since all the other kids in his class had gotten A's and B's in everything. She was upset that her son was "singled out" to get bad grades and she was called about it. As we were talking she laughed and said he liked to play so much that he had lied to her about having no homework the day before so he could go right to playing. She thought it was CLEVER of him to lie to her.....

From what I gather he plays all day on the weekends and never even goes outside. She just leaves him alone and lets him do whatever he wants so she won't have to be a parent. I don't think I can hang around this mom anymore.....


Asked by Anonymous at 8:07 AM on May. 5, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (6)
  • I think its sad that she's okay with this situation.... Structure is important, playing outside is important, and I hope this kids life isnt ruined because his mom just doesnt care enough.

    Answer by ArmyWifeAshlie at 8:09 AM on May. 5, 2011

  • well, i think you're being a tad judgmental about his grades. how does someone get an F in kindergarten? doesn't necessarily mean lack of parenting, it could be a learning disability for all you know. but as far as the gaming, i personally would never allow my children to play that much, especially before their homework was done and definitely not through dinner. we eat at the table as a family every night. do i think his gaming contributes directly to his poor grades? well that's not up to me decide as i do not know this kid or their situation.

    Answer by tnm786 at 8:10 AM on May. 5, 2011

  • I do not limit my children's game or TV time, but I encourage them to do other things, like go outside and play etc. Honestly in K I have never heard of kids getting actual grades, as a matter of fact my dd is in 3rd grade and just started getting actual grades. I think the parent is wrong in encouraging more time on the games, but to be honest the games are not what is keeping this child from achieving, it is the parent who is playing no active role in his education.

    Answer by 2and2onway at 8:12 AM on May. 5, 2011

  • We have a PS2 and I hardly ever let my kids play it.
    Homework comes first.
    My oldest SS(8) would rather hang in the house playing in his room but I make him go outside and play. If I don't make him he won't go. It turns into a crying fit but he goes outside and 5 mins later he is having a ball with the other kids.

    Answer by firepony at 8:12 AM on May. 5, 2011

  • I wouldn't hang around her either, you are not a very good friend if you don't call her on something like that. It's too sad!

    Answer by dwmom2008 at 8:54 AM on May. 5, 2011

  • bad, bad, Kaleb is allowed to play his games about 2 hours a day, after I check his bookbag, homework is done and checked, dinner is done and he did at least an hour of outside play.... so sad for that little man

    Answer by JoLee12345 at 9:23 AM on May. 5, 2011