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Why do people say "an opinion cannot be wrong"?

Everyone may be entitled to hold whatever opinions they'd like, but an opinion can still very much contradict known facts.


My opinion is that the moon is made of swiss cheese.


Asked by bishopblack at 1:25 AM on May. 8, 2011 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (24)
  • (quote: Amaranth361) "But in most areas of life...that isnt so and opinions shouldnt be poopoo'd cuz others think they have all the answers."
    I think this is where we have a big difference of opinion.  When it comes to spreading misinformation on known facts I think it is very important to try to correct people whose "opinions" are flat out wrong.  By allowing someone to go around presenting false information as if it were true only harms our society.


    Answer by Eek_a_Geek at 10:58 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • confusedbecause someones reality is not wrong..(well not to them at least). for example; i hate saurcraut it is disgusting- that is my reality so the fact that it is gross is right in my eyes.BUT there are people who would think i am wrong because saurcraut happens to be their favorite food. i think what ever your reality is...that is whats' right..for u at least.


    Answer by gwen20 at 1:32 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • Because it's the only way they can justify calling entire groups of people they've never met "racist"

    Answer by NotPanicking at 3:12 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • Depends on the subject imo. Sometimes there are many answers to the same question so everyones opinion IS right.

    The rest of it...who cares? If it makes someone feel better thinking the moon is of swiss cheese does it really matter to you or anyone else so much that you must argue the fact and try making someone else feel stupid??

    Answer by Amaranth361 at 9:16 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • Because an opinion is a personally held belief, not report of facts.
    Take a newstory for example; there are the facts that are reported, and they are fact checked or verified by researchers who make sure that they are we can say that the southeast had 79 tornadoes touch down. This is verifiable. Now, to say that those tornadoes were 'sent by God' or are "caused by global warming" or are " the worst thing that ever happened" are all opinions, which are subjective and created with a person's mindset, filters, beliefs, and prejudices as a backgound. In that sense, they cannot be WRONG, because it is what a person feels or believes...which is not OBJECTIVE. Objective things can be verified, and proven. Opinion is just my feelings about something. Can someones feelings be wrong? Someone might say "you shouldn't feel that way" but the fact is, you do. Your feelings just ARE. and opinions just ARE. so in that sense, no.

    Answer by ferrellmt at 2:09 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • Well it's just "their opinion" so to them it is true but doesn't mean the situation is true if they try to prove their opinion as fact

    Answer by jujubean1979200 at 7:01 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • Opinions are wrong if they contradict known facts.

    Here are a few facts that people have held opposing opinions to in the past, that I think we can all agree on at this point:

    The Earth is not flat.
    The Earth rotates around the Sun.
    The Earth is not the center of the Universe.

    And then there are known facts that some people actually think are still open to their own opinions, such as:

    The Earth is over 4 billion years old.
    Dinosaurs once lived on Earth.
    Humans evolved just as all other life on Earth has evolved.

    People may hold opinions that disagree with these facts, but their opinions would not be valid.


    Answer by Eek_a_Geek at 9:18 AM on May. 8, 2011


    Answer by Dmommy4 at 1:40 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • There's always someone who will agree with your opinion, regardless of what it is, so IMO, opinions can't always be wrong.

    Answer by Kathy675 at 1:50 AM on May. 8, 2011

  • and facts are not wrong ever take chemo what might work for one patient will not work for another. fact is fact until more data comes and it becomes wrong or out dated.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 8:23 AM on May. 8, 2011

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