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Serious potty training issues! H.E.L.P.

My little girl is about to be 3 I feel like she should be totally potty trained at this point..but she is not. She goes to daycare and has no problems going for the teacher except an accident her and home she is so lazy. If I make her go on the potty she might pee for me. She refuses to poop at all for me or even tell me when she needs to go. At this point she will pee her pants and go in her room remove the pee pants and put new clean pants on herself. Rather than just going potty by herself or asking me for help. I am always willing to help her when she needs to go. We give her happy cheers when she goes in the toilet and m&m's but apparently this is not encouragement enough. I am completely tired and exhausted with cleaning poop pants up. I am running out of patients with her. I just don't get it. Also, she did go poop for me a couple of times in the toilet in the past but she has stopped. Please Help. I know I am suppose to be positive now matter what happends but I am not felling very positive and sometimes come down on her and ask her why she does this...I ask her where does potty pee/poop go and she tells me the toilet...she knows put just won't go. UGH!!!!!


Asked by seecutekitty at 7:30 PM on May. 8, 2011 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (5)
  • We had to quit rewarding my son for going on the toilet and start rewarding him for clean dry pants.

    Answer by other_mother at 12:29 PM on May. 9, 2011

  • At this point it sounds like she knows the drill and this is a psychological game. What works for you might be different for me but my son would not poop for a sticker he would poop for a monster truck. I think you need a hot button. My son told me he didn't want to be a big boy, he was happy being a baby. I told him he was always going to be my baby, but if he wanted to stop being a big boy it was ok After a fight I put back on a diaper and treated him like a baby for about an hour and he realized that it was better to be a big boy and use the potty. Babies also don't watch big boy TV shows like Blues Clues, so no television. After an hour an a half of being a baby in diaper, drinking only milk and no tv we never had accident again

    Answer by hotelmom123 at 12:34 PM on May. 9, 2011

  • Maybe the daycare does something different than you do. I know with my friends daughter we made her sit on the potty until she went. It worked as my friends daughter got tired of sitting there.

    Answer by sweetangie79 at 8:25 PM on May. 8, 2011

  • 2 things:

    She might not poop at daycare, and save it for home. I'd ask

    Either way, I'd ask how they do it. She might be one of those kids hta thas to be reminded every 15 minutes. My daughter's school has them go fairly often, so they don't forget (very common). They also go as a group, so peer pressure is a huge help, even at that age. I don't know what other carrots & sticks they use, but they should tell you and you can try doing it at home as well.

    I have been there with the poop! It was for months, with my 1st. Ugh. One day he just got over it, and never again. They do say, if they are at all constipated, they could fear the pain and that could be the issue.

    Good luck!

    Answer by Tracys2 at 9:42 PM on May. 8, 2011

  • Thank you all for your ideas. I did ask her daycare sometime ago way before I posted my question on here, he said they do nothing special and they do line up a certain times of the day for potty. You may be right that she saves poop for only at home...but I will ask him about that....I do remind her often that she can go and she says NO I don't need to go. I have stopped asking and demand she go now. I have also tired the baby and big girl thing as well but doesnt seem to make a difference to her. I have repeatedly taken away cartoons for entire was a longer day for me :( I guess I will try the clean pants idea..her dad gives her too many sweets so I will take them away and only give them when she has clean pants...gosh I hope this works. Wish me luck and again thank you : )

    Comment by seecutekitty (original poster) at 12:55 AM on May. 12, 2011