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Would you tell a family member if their husband was cheating on them........

but you know they won't handle the situation well. Me and my sister decided to keep the information from this family member because we know how she acts. I love her to death but sometimes her elevator don't go all the way up. A couple of years ago her husband cheated on her and she got in her car and met them at the hotel room with a baseball bat. Luckily she called us was she was waiting and we talked her out of doing something stupid. Well there has been a rumor going around that her husband is up to no good, me and one sister decided to keep our mouth shut just in case she do something stupid. We don't want that on our conscious, that it could have been avoided. Well my other dumb ass sister went against us and told her anyway. She went to the girl job and asked her if she was sleeping with her husband. I don't know the whole detail but things got pretty heated and the "other woman" told her I got a gun. My family member told her good because you are going to need one. I think this is going to get ugly. Would you had told the other family member that her husband was cheating if you knew she was volatile?


Asked by babygirl0782 at 12:16 PM on May. 10, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (7)
  • I would tell the husband that if he doesn't come clean than you will tell her because if he has any respect for her at all he will tell her the truth himself.

    Answer by Bugzmomma at 12:21 PM on May. 10, 2011

  • you don't want her anger turned on you for not telling her. Help her find a better way to deal with it

    Answer by zoejains_momma at 12:21 PM on May. 10, 2011

  • It would depend how close I am with that family member. If I could tell her to actually save her feelings, and it could be done calmly and collectively I would. However, this is the second time he's done it, she didn't leave him the first time, so what the heck is the point.

    Answer by kitchenwitch78 at 12:24 PM on May. 10, 2011

  • I am unsure what I would have done in that situation. Honestly, I can say I am going to be praying for all involved because it does seem like it could get really ugly! I wanted to tell you this as well: If your sister attends church or has a close knit group that she can use as a sort of team of accountability... it might help her to break free from the situation altogether. Meaning, it doesn't seem to be healthy relationship for your sister or the other woman! First of all, your sister needs to see that this will continue to happen and that she CAN NOT control her husband anymore than one person can control another person all their lives! That is ridiculous! If your sister can get some counseling.. and into a great group of women that have been through this before who can help keep her feet on the ground so to speak.... that might be wonderful for you and your other sisters and the one being cheated on!

    Answer by FingerPainter at 12:26 PM on May. 10, 2011

  • i would , cause i would want a family member to tell me and i would tell them that

    Answer by letstalk747 at 12:28 PM on May. 10, 2011


    Answer by rinamomof2 at 12:33 PM on May. 10, 2011

  • I learned my lesson in this area years ago. While the psychologists tout being the good friend and letting them know, it doesn't work that way - not in my experience. I shared with a friend, because I didn't want her humiliated. It was all going down at a public affair, and I didn't want her walking into a hazard. She went in with guns blazing, and let them all know that I had given her the details. Next thing I knew a had a group of angry people at my door telling me it was none of my business, even if she was my friend. It was ugly. But I had told the truth and helped my best friend (I thought). I lost all my friends, including my best friend. Why her? Because she would rather have turned a blind eye, "thank you very much". So I don't tell anymore. Anything!

    Answer by Rowesbud at 12:45 PM on May. 10, 2011