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Anyone have a child with autism who has behaviors?

my daughter last night had her behaviorist at my home told my daughter to go to her room and when she is calm she is to sit on her bed.well my daughter was upset and climbed on top of bed and put her hands threw her bedroom window.i have tried going to support groups on autism but i was told not to scare other parents.but this is what i'm dealing with i feel like i'm the only one out there with a kid of has behavior issues .

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Asked by treesoup at 12:33 PM on May. 11, 2011 in Tweens (9-12)

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  • My son has Autism and when he is in meltdown mode sometimes it is like he is on a 'seek and destoy' mission. One thing that has helped us is I have him in therapy. He sees a therapist and she has given him different ideas on how to handle his anger, how to recognize anger and things to do to calm himself down. You might want to consider therapy for your child..... My son is also on meds and I have noticed his behavior has improved and the meltdowns are less frequent and less severe.

    Answer by MizLee at 12:36 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • My kid is 6 and though he has never put his hands through a window he has thrown a desk across the room at school so... yeah... I know about 'bad' behavior. All we can do is work on it and get all the support possible. There are a few Autism groups here in CafeMom that may suit your needs as far as getting ideas and having support.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 12:36 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • lol Anyone have a child with autism who doesn't have behaviors? My son is 13 now and so much calmer than he used to be, but we have patched our walls and repainted the doors many times from his younger years. I wouldn't think talking about issues a lot of us have been through would scare parents of children with autism - we're a tough lot!
    I have never done meds, but a lot of my friends have. We did pretty intense behavioral therapy for a few years though - I had one on one with him pretty much all the time he wasn't in school or sleeping. It helped.

    Answer by missanc at 1:20 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • My son can be dangerous in a meltdown. He doesn't feel pain so I worry that he will injure himself. Because of this, we ended up turning to medication and it was the BEST decision we could have made for him. I can not stress enough that I anti-meds. The choice was not easy, but we were at a point where he can physically over power me at age 8. We had to do something. He was hurting himself and well as me. The doctor explained it to me as this: he has a chemical inbalance in his brain. The medication would balance it out. When I wasn't buying that, she asked me if I were diabetic, would I refuse insulin. I of course, said no. She said same thing. LOL. We put my son on Risperidone and he is a totally different child. It improved his speech, his temper, his cognative abilities, and it makes him feel better. He will ask me for his meds. We have fewer meltdowns and he can be reasoned with. It was a blessing.

    Answer by daisypetals2000 at 1:42 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • I just need to say something first: Kids with Autism or "Normal" kids tend to act impulsively. I needed to make this distinction because some mothers with children with Autism wrongly believe that these behaviors are exclusively autistic behaviors. Normal children also break things when they are frustrated. Is up to the parents to teach kids the mechanisms for better regulating their emotions. Some agree that Physical Activities help. Swimming is well recommended.
    For the teacher I just hope that he/she understands that Autistic kids need to be respected too. Teachers tend to treat TWEENS autistic children as if they were 2 years old.

    Answer by MMXI at 7:50 AM on May. 16, 2011

  • A body pillow.....I am consistent with my 6 year old, he is not allowed to hit or throw anything other than that body pillow. Sure we have problems every once in awhile and he is considered "borderline" autistic right now. He has SPD and discipline is sometimes simple and other times it's like trying to teach a duck to fetch......Go to group, parents of autistic children need to know they aren't alone. I don't see you scaring anyone....most have their stories to tell......

    Answer by kitchenwitch78 at 8:05 AM on May. 16, 2011

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