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A Faith question

I was born and raised in the Methodist Church. When I was a teenager I explored other religions and did some research. I made the decision to remain a part of the Methodist Church. A good friend of mine growing up never went to church. Her parents were Agnostic. She started going with me and still belongs to the Methodist Church.

So my question is this.... If you are Atheist or Agnostic and your child wanted to explore religion would you let them? If they wanted to participate in church related activities would you let them? And on the flip side.... If you belong to a certain religion and your child wanted to explore other religions or maybe decided that they did not believe would you be okay with it? Support it?

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Asked by Shaken1976 at 10:10 PM on May. 11, 2011 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • of course i would be ok with it; the kids have a mind of their own and no one knows which religion is the "right" one anyways...if the is even such a thing as a "right " religion.

    Answer by gwen20 at 10:12 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • there

    Answer by gwen20 at 10:13 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • it would be very hard for me. I've raised them in a certin religion. It would also, be the same IF, i had grandkids.. And my kids didn't take them to church - that would also upset me.
    I don't think, I would dis-own them, but they'd know that I didn't fully approve.

    Answer by SassySue123 at 10:13 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • I am Christian and if my son wanted to explore other religions as he got older I would support him

    Answer by June_Mama09 at 10:13 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • I would support exploration. I'm trying to raise my kids to think for themselves.

    Answer by RedRowan at 10:13 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • I'd feel the same as if they decided to be "sanitation engineers."

    Answer by MyMyOhMy at 10:23 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • I grew up in a religious family- and went to church a LOT as a kid and ended up an athiest. I have taught my kids from the time they were little, that people beliebe different things and read them mythology stories as kids and whatnot. I encourage them to explore and learn and ask questions. What a person believes is a personal thing. My parents wanted me to believe what they did SO badly, that they used bribery to get me to continue going to church and it jsut didn't work. I didn't feel it anymore. Whatever my kids decide works for them is fine with me as long as it makes them happy, and doesn't hurt anyone else.

    I would never tell them or anyone else what they should believe

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 10:24 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • Im not sure. If they wanted to learn about other religions sure if they wanted to practice them i would have a hard time. As long as they lived with me i wouldn't allow any other religious materials. We serve one God in my house and when they move out they are free to do as the please. I wouldnt force them into church anymore if they didnt believe though. Would i love them always would i dis own them no never.


    Answer by whitenena at 10:25 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • I am Methodist as well, and was born and raised in the church. However, growing up I was exposed to other denominations and religions due to my school or friends. I did not seek out another religion, but I did visit other churches to get another experience. My faith has not withered, but my eyes are open. With that being said, I want my children to know what options are available. They will be raised in my faith, but I am not going to shut them off from the world. If they grow up and feel they belong at another church or a part of another faith, I want to support that decision.

    Answer by Acemom25 at 10:29 PM on May. 11, 2011

  • I know you're asking non-Christians if they would be okay with their children exploring religion, but I wanted to say that I am a Christian who plans on educating my son on all of his options and letting him follow his own convictions and path. So I would be okay with him exploring his own spirituality and other faiths - in fact, I really hope he does! :)

    Answer by bandgeek521 at 10:33 PM on May. 11, 2011

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