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I made a citizens arrest today. I witnessed a mother...

slam her 6yr old daughter against the pharmacy where I work. Mind you this is a brick wall. I was coming back from break and heard a child crying and the mother screaming. As I turned in that direction, the mother had her pinned against the building and was hitting her across the face and she had the audacity to spit in her face! I was LIVID! I stepped in front of the child to protect her and told her mom she was under arrest for child abuse. At that time I called 911 and all the while the profanity was coming twds me from the mom. She hauled off and nailed me across the eye, now I have a beautiful shiner and major headache! She was arrested for child abuse, assault & battery and God knows what else, and the little girl was taken away by Childrens Services Div. I'm really worried about this little girl. Have you ever experienced anything like this? I'm prepared to go to court if I have to, but I'm frickin miserable right now.


Asked by Kathy675 at 12:37 AM on May. 12, 2011 in Parenting Debate

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Answers (82)
  • You did the right thing...who knows how long that kind of thing has been going on in her household and how much worse it could have gotten. Congragulations for being brave enough to step in.

    Answer by Lucky209 at 12:39 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Wow, that's insane! You probably saved that little girl's life- if that's what her mom does in public, I can only imagine what she does at home. You did the right thing, mama, good job!! I can honestly say I've never seen anything like that, but I think horrified wouldn't even begin to describe it! Hugs! I imagine you must be very worried about that little girl. Hopefully the foster family she's with now is taking good care of her.

    Answer by musicpisces at 12:42 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Good for you. I would have done the same. Hopefully the little girl has other family that will take her in and treat her like a princess.

    Answer by Kitkat61277 at 12:41 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Poor little girl.

    You are brave and I'm glad you were there for her.

    Feel better soon. :-)


    Answer by Simplicity3 at 12:42 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • You did the right thing. Who knows what else she would have done to that child? I wouldn't feel one bit guilty. I would definitely feel sorry for the child though, at least she doesn't have to deal with it anymore.

    Answer by amessageofhope at 12:45 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Thats terrible. I watched a little boy smash his sisters face into a car and when the girl started to scream the mom rushed up and yelled at both of them and threw all 4 of her kids in the car. Literally... threw! I felt sick for days about what I saw. I was in a store and watched out the window in horror. The guys I was with said to stay out of it and it wasn't my business.

    Answer by Mel_in_PHX at 12:41 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Wow...why have children if you're just going to beat them up??? That is so awful! I applaud you, Kathy. You're awesome!!! It's sad that the little girl was taken into custody by CPS though.......hopefully she has loving responsible family to take her in.

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 12:44 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • I have not, thankfully. Kudos for taking a stand.

    Answer by bishopblack at 12:55 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Good for you! I don't know what I would have done! I think I would have been scared shitless to get int he middle of it but you totally saved that girls life!! Hopefully she has family to take her in because foster homes are evil.

    Answer by Keeely07 at 1:03 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Of course you were brave...alot of people would have told themselves it was none of thier business and looked the other seen it and decided to do something about it....that's awesome!

    Answer by Lucky209 at 12:55 AM on May. 12, 2011