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Aside from Cafe Mom, I found the following uses for CM on AcronymFinder. Best answer to the funniest/most creative not found on this list!

Clinical Modification
Center of Mass
Championship Manager (Soccer computer game)
Common Mode
Configuration Management
Cooler Master (computer accessories manufacturer)
Chief Minister
Corporate (Data) Model
Catholic Memorial (high school; West Roxbury, MA)
Change Management
Construction Management
Critical Mass
Call Me
Contract Management
Content Management
Cable Modem
Case Manager
Capital Market
Cubic Meter
Current Meter
Command Module
Combat Mission
City Manager
Control Module
Communications Manager
Connection Manager
Council Member
Cast Member (Disney)
C Major (scale)
Configuration Manager
Creative Memories
Call Manager
Crisis Management
Contrast Medium
Condition Monitoring
Career Management
Community Manager (internet message boards)
Chief Minister (India)
Chief Minister (Indian State Legislature)
Captain Morgan (rum)
Chocolate Milk
Category Management
Collection Management
Chelmsford (postcode, United Kingdom)
Conceptual Model
Cell Mass
Contact Management
Cost Model
Certified Manager (Institute of Certified Professional Managers)
Member of the Order of Canada
Crew Module
Capacity Management
Certificate Management
Charter Member
Confocal Microscope
Clearing Member
Cow's Milk
Cookie Monster
Cargo Management
C Minor (scale)
Collection Manager
Crystal Method (band)
Congestion Management
Cluster Manager
Copa Airlines
Cruise Missile
Check Mate
Contextual Menu
Crystal Mountain (Washington)
Channel Management
Consequence Management
Centro Médico (Spanish: medical center)
Codling Moth
Cough Medicine
Chylomicron (lipoprotein particle with smallest density)
Corrective Measure
Cox Model (biostatistics)
Cervical Mucous
Consumer Magazine
Chiari Malformation
Camera Module
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Contract Manufacturer
Clinica Médica
Collaborative Management
Corrective Maintenance
Computational Mechanics
Child Molester
Communications Modem
Cache Miss
Change Mode
Contribution Margin
Cluster Munitions
Clinical Manager (insurance carriers)
Common Memory
Cardmember (consumer banking)
Combat Medic (US Army field medic)
Cours Moyen (French)
Certified Midwife
Content Master
Corey Maggette (NBA Player)
Cubmaster (Boy Scouts of America)
Circular Mil
Constant Modulus
Charlotte Martin (musician)
Crónicas Marcianas (Spanish talk show)
Crónicas Marcianas (Spanish TV show)
Control Mark
Critical Material
Common Module
Computation Method
Candidate Material
Computer Manufacturing
Capability Model
Crystal Mall (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
Certificate Member (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)
Confidence Man
Clan Member (gaming)
Constraints Management (APICS course)
Call Menu
Curriculum Model
Commodity Manager
Certificate Maintenance
Controlled Material
Comercial Mexicana
Corps Member
Collective Minds
Core Meltdown
Criminal Misdemeanor
Caramel Macchiato (coffee drink)
Common Missile
Centre Midfielder
Contract Monitor
Crystal Maiden (gaming)
Crew Manager (fire-fighter rank)
Combustion Module
Cuestión de Minutos (Guatemala news agency)
control modem (US DoD)
Common Meter (hymnology)
Crane Maintenance
Commission Municipale (French: Municipal Commission; Canada)
Corporate Manufacturing
Combined Margin
Copra Meal (animal nutrition)
College Misericordia (Pennsylvania)
Chaos Machine (gaming)
Command Manager
Circuit Master
Camp Murray (Washington)
Counseling Ministries
Cost of the Mission
Confidential Mission (game)
Capacity Mode
Capability Manager
Center Matched
Cemetery Man (movie)
Cardiac Memory
Credentialed Manager (International City/County Management Association)
Cincinnati Marlins (US swimteam)
Consumables Management
Cue Monitor
Collège de Maisonneuve (French; Montréal, Québec)
Continue Mission
Compositional Modulation
Chemie-Master (German chemistry website)
Conservative Mechanism
Common Metre
Coupling Multiplier (NIOSH)
Cincinnati Mills (shopping mall, Ohio)
Class Mastery (gaming)
Chirurgiae Magister (Master of Surgery)
Central Michigan Railway
Criticality Matrix
Cold Miss
Congressional Methodology (financial needs analysis)
Chairman’s memorandum (US DoD)
Congress of Micronesia
Carmelite Missionaries
Certificated Master
Crimson Mercenaries (Star Wars gaming clan)
Crane, Monorail
Commander's Manual
Crisnatol Mesylate
Cras Mane (Latin: tomorrow morning; medical prescription instructions)
Commercial Margin (finance)
Correspondence Master (United States Chess Federation)
Comercial del Motor (Spanish: Commercial Motor; Madrid, Spain)
Conservative Mennonite Conference
Chemistry and Metallurgy Division
Core Monkeys (gaming)
mean coverage factor (US DoD)
Cryptologic Management
Camp Mivoden (Hayden, ID)
Community Motivator
Command Meteorological Center
Computer & Microima

I'll close the question tomorrow (May 13) sometime.


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  • Complete mess. I'll use them in asentence..
    My house is a cm and I am not cm enough to deal with it

    Answer by Nicoles2LilRams at 5:59 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • caffiene medicated

    Answer by Nicoles2LilRams at 5:57 AM on May. 12, 2011

  • Constantly Medicated - no explanation needed.

    Answer by meooma at 8:33 PM on May. 12, 2011