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I hate being pregnant sometimes...Like realllllllly hate it. I love that I'm having a baby, really happy to be having a baby, but the whole process really sucks. The first 3 months were miserable, I couldn't eat and I was really emotional, then the 4th month I was starting to be able to eat a little bit, but I still felt awful. Then the 5th month was glorious! I loved being pregnant at 5 months. I felt great, food was awesome, my sex drive was amazing, and all was good. 6 months was pretty ok too, but I started to feel really heavy all of sudden.

7 months is where I am now...I am so done being pregnant. I feel like a beached whale and a starving one at that. I'll eat, and get full really fast, but then about 10 minutes later, be hungry again. Its hard to move around, my baby is HUGE. My nephew was 10 pounds when he was born, and all of my brothers were about the same when they were born, including me, and my husband was a big baby too, so...I know this kid is huge. Plus I look like I'm carrying twins or something.

Sleep, is the worst. My hips hurt no matter which side I sleep on, I get heart burn on the most comfortable side. I've gone through 3 bottles of tums so far...the big bottles. I can't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, and when I do sleep, its terrible sleep. I'm absolutely exhausted. Its to the point where I'm sleeping more collectively than I would if I just slept all through the night for 8 hours.

The baby kicks hurt now. They were cute and ticklish at first, now, they're painful. Whenever I need to pee, he seems to just love to kick my bladder, I've almost peed myself a few times.

Its 3:25 am right now...I really need some sleep. I just want to sleep for 6 hours straight, without any interruptions, I'll even take 5 hours.

Someone told me its just my body getting prepared for when the baby is here, because my sleep schedule will be similar. I know this. But right now, I'm not getting up for anything, if the baby was already here I would be way less frustrated because I would be getting up for a reason. Right now, there really is just no reason for me to be awake right now, other than my body hurts and I have to pee, which I JUST peed about at hour ago.

The sleep is my main issue. Does anyone have this much trouble with sleep?

I really needed to vent.

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Asked by monstersmommy20 at 6:29 AM on May. 13, 2011 in Pregnancy

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  • Hi honey - In pregnancy there is a greath vent group. Might want to copy your post there for some better replies
    A few answers/comments for your question.

    In the late second and third trimesters, a lot of women get uncomfortable. Yes, that discomfort can cause sleep problems. Many moms get acid reflux or heartburn. You said you sleep oh your side.. What I read is to sleep w your neck, shoulders, and chest elevated to ease this problem. Drinking small amounts of fluids, and not eating within 3 hours before bed helps some women. Yes, I remember kicks hurting w my last one, after awhile. He was 10 lbs, 21.5". It wasnt terrible.

    Unfortunately, I also wake up frequently to pee, and I'm only coming up to my 4th month. I love memory foam toppers, they help me get a better quality of sleep (3 lb.density, 3-4") overstock has a Serta one for Under $120 incl delivery. Let it offgas in another room though the first day or 2. Gd luck!

    Answer by Harmy at 7:56 AM on May. 13, 2011

  • Well I do not think it is your body preparing you for when the baby will be here. If anything you would be getting good sleep to prepare yourself for when the baby comes. I agree with you about the baby being big. They say that the babies weight is usually comparable to the fathers birth weight. This I found to hold true with my son. Have you tried sleeping with a body pillow? Also at kohls they sell these great body massagers. Have you tried showers when you can't sleep and getting back into bed to try to sleep again? Also try cooler showers to help bring your body temp down... As far as the baby kicks go, sometimes mine would lay in a really awful position that was just uncomfortable. I would push back. It does not hurt the baby... Also go to and surf their web site I am sure they have info on this. They have a lot of information on everything to do with pregnancy and motherhood... Good Luck!

    Answer by gibsongirl017 at 8:24 AM on May. 13, 2011

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