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29wks Pregnant and *NO* want for *ANY* intimacy - WWYD? adult content

This has a lot of BG, and I'm sorry, but I'll try to be as concise as possible.

In Tri1 I had no want for any intimacy and it drove my DH and I apart. I'd be like "I don't want to" and he'd be like "well I do!" and finally it just got to the point where I was like "I'm not giving you permission to RAPE me. If I don't want sex I have the right to NOT have sex!" This shut him the hell up.
In Tri2 I tried more to have sex with my husband, since nothing else even works to sedate him. Well, we had to move and he wanted to stay where we were at- with his parents who wanted us to get rid of our cat, and I couldn't stand to give our cat up, so I was going to move in with my grandma. For him to come with me, he struck this deal that instead of having sex every third day, we go to every other day. He says he was just trying to "lighten" the situation, but IDK. Long story short, I agreed. Its now off, this deal.
Now we're in Tri3 and I'm too tired, or have heartburn, etc etc. I've got this huge list of complaints and reasons why I want to avoid sex. The last time we had sex I seriously didn't do a thing- I was just like "for the love of god, finish faster". I don't want to have sexual chores, and the reason I started scheduling it in Tri2 was so that our relationship didn't totally fall apart. Now my DH is getting pissy with me, and moody, and I don't know what to tell him, or how to handle him. He's acting like a two year old that needs a good long time out.

I just need to know, WWYD? How can I get the message across that if I want sex I'll initiate it, but when he asks every three hours, every day, that it just puts me off it more because I'm sick of that being the only thing that pleases him?
Mind you, I'm not asking to hear about how I need to leave DH/etc etc etc. I've tried asking this on a different website and that's all I heard. I just want to know what you would do, if you were in my situation. I'm kinda hoping someone's in the same boat as me, or has BT:DT so I can stop walking blind.


Asked by Anonymous at 1:06 PM on May. 13, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (2)
  • TMI:are there other things that make you feel good? Like if he helps around the house a little more maybe you won't be so tired. Or he could give you a back rub and you could give him a hand job. When I don't want it and hubby really does he will settle for a hand job, I'm like you even when not pregnant I don't want sex never have. I think it is from being on bc but I'm not sure I've either been on bc or pregnant. Anyway I've read even when you don't want to do it do it any way and then you may start to want it more. Get some form of lube like KY Jelly with a tingling sensation that will make it feel better for you. And if your used to have a big O and your not now that is one big thing about me not wanting it. If I don't have the big O I don't enjoy it as much and in return I don't want sex. We have 3 kids and I try real hard to do it everyothe night with him. Right now he's deployed and I;m not on bc and I told him for the

    Answer by millerx5 at 4:32 PM on May. 13, 2011

  • first time in 8 years I have been in the mood a litttle and he's not been here to help me out. Lots of talking between me and my dh have helped out our sex issues. You need to have sex to have a healthy relationship but it is hard when you don't want it.

    Answer by millerx5 at 4:34 PM on May. 13, 2011