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Have you ever been a victim of bullying or have you ever bullied anyone?

I want to do an article about bullying for my school newspaper and I am looking for people who have been a victim of bullying or the bully or if you have a child that's been a victim, a witness to it or a bully themself. I really want to do some thorough research on it and it'd be great to get some insight.



Asked by Imogine at 4:35 PM on May. 14, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (13)
  • next example of teaching kids properly...

    my son had a twit of a kid who liked to follow him and bug him. We told our son he can not start a fight but he can end one... the second the kid touches him. So after a while of dealing with this twit our son went toe to toe and told the kid off. The kid wanst too bright and honestly I dont think he understood all the words my son used to put him in his place... so the kid kicked my son. That was all the permission my son needed... he hit him once, close fisted on the chin and the kid went down.

    Kid NEVER bugged my son again.

    We keep teaching kids to walk away, to ignore it... hell... if the kid is getting in your face... get in theirs... if the kids touches you, take them down. We will end up with a generation of door mats if we dont teach our kids to stand up for themselves.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:00 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • It's a college newspaper btw. Forgot to mention that. lol

    Comment by Imogine (original poster) at 4:36 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • yea i have back when i wasin school i went to a hole new town they were a different race them me they made fun of the color of my skin cause i was light skin an not dark i use to cry and my mom soon took me out of that school cause the children were planing to hert me

    Answer by jack90 at 4:47 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • at the end of the year

    Answer by jack90 at 4:47 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • I was the neighborhood bully when I was 8. When the kids went to the school to play baseball I threw rocks. I gave little kids mud and told them it was chocolate chip cookies. I knocked kids off of their bikes. I put sugar on the neighbor's flowers and ants came and destroyed them. I put dog crap in people's newspapers and rolled them back up so they didn't know. You name it, I did it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:48 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • they called me names an every one sat at there own race table im rican but i sat with the wight people there were nicer to me then every one else i was a good girl never got into trouble and was vary nice to everyone so i dint no why they were doing this to me

    Answer by jack90 at 4:50 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • Can I ask you a few questions anonymous? You can remain anonymous if you want. Creat an alias or whatever you have to do.

    Comment by Imogine (original poster) at 4:54 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • In jr. high I was tortured because I wore glitter. When I started wearing glitter no one was wearing it, it hadn't become the "thing" to do yet. I would get shoved into my locker when I was getting something out of it. Not shoved in like you would see in the movies (the kid getting locked in their locker), but someone would walk by and slam my head into the locker. I would get food and gum thrown at me all the time. People would call me sideshow freak and sing the circus theme at me. At least once a week someone would try to fight me. I was called a dyke. None of my girl friends wanted to be around me because then they would be called dykes too. Good times.

    Then two years later guess who was wearing glitter... Everyone.

    Answer by mrsziemann at 4:55 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • When I called her out on it and refused to have her over she started bugging my daughter. I told my daughter to get in her face and put her in her place. My daughter wouldnt. I had to coach my daughter through tears on what to do. FINALLY, my kid grew a back bone, went toe to toe with the little blankety blank and told her off but good. My kids was NOT allowed to make fun of her but to put her in her place. It stopped then and there. That was 5 yrs ago.. and my daughter has not had issues since... she NOW knows how to deal with twits.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:56 PM on May. 14, 2011

  • Yes, I was bullied throughout my middle school/high school years. Same group of mean girls! I can still remember their names and I graduated in 1976!

    Answer by Kathy675 at 5:01 PM on May. 14, 2011