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"Can you tell me why you think if something is genetic, it must be right?"

"Do you think any behavior is morally appropriate simply because it has a genetic link?" Takeoff from another question: In regards to homosexuality being genetic?


Asked by 35yoamom at 12:16 AM on May. 15, 2011 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (12)
  • Just to be devil's advocate here....what about the ongoing theory that alcoholism is genetic? Even if it is proven to be genetic that isn't right.

    Answer by asmcbride at 9:11 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • Because if it's not, you have grounds to argue people with different skin colors are naturally inferior. Sound familiar?

    Answer by NotPanicking at 12:18 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • oh boy......

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 4:27 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • god doesn't make mistakes so if he makes one genetically prefer one sex then it must not be wrong. am i correct?

    Answer by nurse_maya at 1:04 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • If it is genetic and does not harm anyone than it is not wrong.

    Answer by Alanaplus3 at 1:34 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • If you have a child who is born with Downs Syndrome, you know that it is a genetic condition. You come to understand several things: there will be NO cure for this condition, there will always be some limits to what this child will be able to achieve, and that you will deal with this for the rest of your life. Homosexuality is the same thing. It is a genetic condition. It cannot be "cured" or controlled. And if you or a loved one has this condition, it is there until their life is over. Being gay in a straight society is uncomfortable and, sometimes, even dangerous or life-threatening. Who in their right mind would CHOOSE this???? Many genetic defects can be "fixed" with treatment or surgery. But just as many can't.

    Answer by witchqueen at 2:00 PM on May. 15, 2011

  • I was just going to make the same reference as NP. Sin is a behavior. Things like your skin color, shoe size, and possibly sexual orientation are not a choice. If the person truly is born that way, what do you do?

    Answer by Mom-2-3-Girlz at 12:25 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • If you're born to love a man or a woman then that's who you were born to love. It's not a sin to love who God created you to, no matter that person's gender.

    Answer by Octobersmom at 12:29 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • If it is genetic and does not harm anyone than it is not wrong.


    I agree with this ^ and what NP said. I believe people are just fighting to have the same rights as everyone else. I haven't heard any real examples of it harming anyone--only fear and discrimination.

    Answer by pam19 at 9:25 AM on May. 15, 2011

  • Genetics isn't the reason why I think it's okay. Even if it were a choice (which I don't think it is), who they love and what 2 consenting adults do is none of my business.

    Answer by MrsMWF at 9:28 AM on May. 15, 2011