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thinking ahead what do u think?

ok my dd is only 9 months and i am trying 2 think of which school 2 send her i know its early but i want 2 find the perfect school ahead of time which school would you send your child 2 public or private? and y?


Asked by butterscotch297 at 4:18 PM on Dec. 7, 2008 in Just for Fun

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Answers (10)
  • My younger cousin went to an all girls private school and she got a really good education.She has never done drugs, gotten knocked up,ect.She even mas made "Best of the Class"(a thing out local news does. they choose one student from each school in the viewing area. She is graduating from Duke this year! I think you should check out all of the schools(public,private,ect) that you are considering. Not all private schools are bad(same goes for public). IMO the QUALITY of any kind of school varies from location to location. Also my mom went to a private school(all girls) and was..hell, still is a party girl(she calmed down to raise a couple kids but we are adults now ). So it could go both ways, depending on the parenting(good or bad) that the child recieves while growing up.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:06 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • I kind of have no choice but to send my daughter (and any future kids) to public school. Private school is expensive, yanno : /

    Answer by caitxrawks at 4:19 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • If I had a choice Id send them to private school.

    Answer by gemgem at 4:24 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • If I could afford it private. I herd they are better schools.


    Answer by louise2 at 4:33 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • The private schools we checked into didn't have the same variety of programs, including music, that the public schools had. Also we wanted to save the money for college. So we sent to public.

    Answer by Bmat at 4:52 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • We thought about this when we bought our house. We wanted to live in an area that had great public schools so we didn't have to pay for private, so that's what we did. If I was in an area where I felt the public schools weren't up with the standards, I'd send them to private.

    Answer by ap9902 at 5:02 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • i grew up in a private school, and i would NOT reccommend it!!!!!!! you couldnt pay me to send my daughter to a private school!! they dont let people be who they wanna be..theres no freedom of expression, all your told is NO NO NO..dont drink, dont smoke, dont do drugs dont have sex...they never explain WHY..and then you have a school full of rebellious kids, out getting drunk/high every weekend and gettin knocked up!! no chance in hell i would ever send my daughter to one! plus at public schools theres more options, sports, music, drama, choir, dance, art, etc...and i believe that if you raise your kids right, give them turst/honesty/respect, they will do waaay better at a public school than they would in a private school..

    other options, i dont know if you have them where you live..but what a bout a "traditional" school..or a "choice" school..theyere kinda somewhere inbetween public and private..might be an idea..

    Answer by alexis_06 at 5:42 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • Well ,this depends on the public school system you are in. If it is fantastic I would be hard pressed to sent them to private...unfortuneatly for me that is soooo not the case and so I sent them to private..with the help of financial aid...establish yourself as a parishoner of the church as soon as you can. Be active and send them to pre school there and then they will know you and help you with the financial part of it.

    Answer by salexander at 5:45 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • Having taught in both, I'd never NEVER NEVER send my kids to private school. They are some of the most awful people I've ever met. People I know that have gone to private schools are snotty and have an enormously annoying sense of entitlement. This is not to overgeneralize and say everyone is like that, just most of the people I've met who attended private school are not the kind of people I want my kids to be like.


    Answer by Pnukey at 6:53 PM on Dec. 7, 2008

  • Public and private are not the only options now. (YAY!!) There are some really terrific Charter Schools out there and I sent my daughter to one that she graduated from a couple years ago. If nothing else, they are usually smaller, so the teachers actually KNOW your kids and the parents so they can be more helpful if your child is having any problems.

    Answer by jburg2541 at 12:55 AM on Dec. 8, 2008