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How many kids are to many????

DH and I are set to have baby #4 and people rare commenting oh 4 over populating the world.... How many kids are to many.
4 is perfect for us. They are all roughly 2yrs apart. We can afford them on 1 salary, they are well taken care off.
I struggle with my own personal demons because I am a high high risk pregnancy but over populating no....

Do I agree with 19/20 kids no only because I do not. Agree with. Oder kids watching younger kids, and that. But. Still don't see it. As. Over populating....

Pardon the ..... Everywhere my iPad and me. Don't. Mix :)

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:38 AM on May. 22, 2011 in General Parenting

Answers (11)
  • I don't think it's anyone else's right to tell you how many is too many, because if you want 4 or a dozen kids and you can afford it than by all means, go for it! You're not overpopulating the planet, you're just creating more voters. The politicians will thank you for it. :)

    Answer by Imogine at 1:44 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • I feel as long as the kids are in a loving home and are healthy and happy, then it's up to the parents. We have a family across the street who have 6 beautiful, well-behaved kids, these parents are amazing! They home school and the older kids help out the elderly neighbors. I see these parents as being blessed.

    Answer by Kathy675 at 1:48 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • One more than I haveā€¦but that is strictly personal. For me the 3 are plenty. For my mom just me was usually too much. It depends on the couple and their personalities.

    Answer by balagan_imma at 1:50 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • I have 4. All natural and "just happened" with the help of a set of twins. I love my family and it fits us. Honestly, some days I think " why me/" and others I feel so blessed. I believe its up to you and your spouse, and what ever your comfortable with. I didn't feel my family was done until the youngest could dress himself and get in the car himself. Lol.

    Answer by yestheirallmine at 2:19 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • do what you can afford to do just don't be a welfare mom having kids just to get a bigger check...but thats not you you just want one more so go ahead if you can afford it why not?

    Answer by wheresthewayout at 2:34 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • No one has a right to tell you how many kids to have. If you can afford it and take care of them well, go for it. However, I do believe that affordability is not the only important thing. Parents should be able to give each child the time and the attention that they deserve and need.

    Answer by Ashoonik at 2:50 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • more than you can afford is too many imo

    Answer by soon2bmmy at 3:55 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • I know that for me 4 would be too many. I know that I wouldn't be able to handle that many just by the fact that I babysat two kids for a friend and just putting all 3 in carseats was a chore! and thats just 3!

    But, if you can handle 4 than kudos to you. If you can't afford 4 children, then 4 is too many. If you can't afford 1, then that's too many.

    Answer by cassie_kellison at 4:44 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • For us, three wad the magic number.

    Answer by SassySue123 at 5:10 AM on May. 22, 2011

  • It depends on the family. Two may be enough for one , where 5 may be enough for another. Everyone is different. As long as they care for them, I could care less if it's 10.

    Answer by RelaxedMom2-3 at 8:11 AM on May. 22, 2011

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