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You like the church,but the kids don't.

I've been going ot a Baptist church which I enjoy enough I guess,but my DD wanted to go to church with the neighbor girl..none denominational...sooo I decided to go as well...It was okay...there was a visiting pastor and I didn't care for him at all...the neighbor said the normal Pastor is much I figured I should at least give it another try..I like the fact that the church is made up of younger people...I'm 25 and would love to meet some people I could be-friend. My kids however did not care to much for the children's church...they said it was boring all they did was color and make a dove...they were not aloud t get up...I figure tough luck that's how it's going to be in school right? and it's only for an hr 1/2 but I know I hated church as a kid...I was brought up Catholic and I dreaded going and when I got old enough chose not too for that reason until I went to a Baptist church and is was enjoyable...still getting used to up beat hands in the air singing,but it's should I give this church another chance? or stick to the Baptist church which is okay for me but my children enjoy?

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Asked by happymama02 at 1:55 PM on May. 22, 2011 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • My choice would be where my kids like to go. I am saved, I know Jesus as my personal Savior but I want my kids to learn and grow. My 11 yo is a Christian but he is still young and I want him to be firmly rooted in his faith. I feel like if they don't enjoy church, they won't learn, and as they get older they will drift away. If it's something they enjoy, they will be more interested in what's being taught and want to do more things at church. If the worship service just wasn't something I enjoyed, I would see if I could work in the nursery or with the preschool on Sunday mornings, and then find a good Bible study at a different time.

    Answer by missanc at 2:03 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • I would still go and make your kids go at least your making a change unlike me I used to go to a catholic church and hated it it was boring and most of the time I felt we were doing catasteltic (up, down and kneeling) make up your minds I would say to myself.
    So one year I found a baptist church and loved it went there for awhile then stopped for whatever that dumb reason was I regret it anyway years past and Idecide to go was not the same :( the first time I loved it bc there was singing and clapping I mean I really felt so happy and good back then but whenI went again I felt like I was in a concert of some sort it was loud and crazy so I decide not to go anymore and still haven't gone ICANN not seem to find that happiness again I got that one year so we prettymuchstayand home and makesure we thank God and praise him here in our own home. GL

    Answer by Butterfly1108 at 2:06 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • if you are okay with the other church (baptist, was it?) and the kids enjoy it much better than the 2nd choice, i'd probably go where my kid long as i agreed with their teachings, as well as i did the other church. gotta keep the family happy, right??
    for example, dh and i come from very different church-backgrounds...we've both learned to 'meet in the middle' and we chose a church that is a mix of both our backgrounds. it keeps the family happy, and the marriage saner. :))

    Answer by dullscissors at 2:08 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • my kids go where i go. end of story. they do not run their own lives until they are old enough to do it. you are to raise your child in the way they SHOULD go, so they won't depart from it. you will ALWAYS remember how you were raised, what faith, ect. it will never leave you. If the word that you planted in their hearts is true, they will come back to it, or just be hard headed and stubborn and try to stay away from it. i know this from experience. i was that stubborn person. but the word my dad and church i grew up in was planted in me as a child, and i'm back, because i know God's word is true and clear. some friends of mine who left as well, i've talked with them. some have come back as did i, but the others, they know the Word is true, but they themselves have said they just can't let go of this world to grasp his Word and Truth.

    Answer by armywife43 at 2:16 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • My spouse was raised Orthodox; I was raised Reform. We visited many synagogues before finding one that we both felt comfortable with.


    Answer by rkoloms at 7:06 AM on May. 23, 2011

  • I would go where the kids program is strongly rooted in the word of God and engages them. "Train up a child..." That is what my job is about. Then I would work on making it better for me and others like me. Start a class or small group. Join a ministry that does outreach to bring more people to the Lord (and hopefully your church).

    Answer by chris219 at 10:21 AM on May. 23, 2011

  • I have the opposite problem, our kids love the church we have attended since moving from Indiana to Texas, but my husband and I are not fans of it. If you are really wanting to get involved with a church and raise your children in it, you need to know what you believe and hold strongly to and what the church believes and holds strongly to...if they dont line up at all, then I would look to another church. If your children aren't getting anything out of it, but you love it, ask the childrens staff if there is anything else they can add to their lessons that might appeal to older/younger kids better...if they aren't receptive to this, maybe you should keep your kids in the service with you. For me, it is more important that my kids get rooted more firmly in the truth than myself, because I am already in a walk with God and know how to strengthen it outside of what I get from church, kids don't know how to do that yet.

    Answer by DaisyRae at 10:38 PM on May. 25, 2011

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