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How much baby food should I be feeding my 9 month old twins?

I'm a first time mom of 9 month old twins, a girl and a boy. They still have no teeth. How much baby food should I be feeding them during the day? They still drink several 7 ounce bottle throughout the day. When should I start feeding them more solids and less formula?

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Asked by rkwirant at 5:06 PM on May. 22, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (7)
  • mix food with formula always

    Answer by GlitteribonMom at 5:23 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • I've got to think back a little bit here, my kids are 4 and 7. I THINK by this time they were getting 2-3 meals from baby food, and still nursing on demand. Both of my kids weaned themselves at 9 months old as well so it's a little murky for me. I think by this age they were either taking 2 1st foods containers of fruit/veggi or I had switched them to the 2nd foods. The 2nd foods start combining flavors, have a very similar texture to 1st foods, there is just more in a jar. They were also eating some food off our plates if they were interested in it.

    My daughter cut her first tooth at 11-12 months, but was a champion at gumming things. Follow their cues. Kids KNOW when they've had enough to eat. If they start playing with their food or throwing it, that's a good sign they're done. Also if they turn their head away from the spoon, they're done.

    Their stomachs are about the size of their fists still.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 5:50 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • Don't cut back on formula - they need a minimum of 32 oz a day until they're a year old. Give solids AFTER they have a bottle, never before a bottle - they can have a sippy with a little water after the solids if they seem to want somethign to drink. Feed them what they want - but keep in mind that baby food offers very little nutrition, and is only for practice, not sustenance, until babies are about a year old and get off of formula.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:15 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • i work with infants everyday and the 6 month old i care for is just one of the many i look after but his dad just took him in for a check-up and they said give rice cereal with a 4 oz bottle for breakfast then baby food 2 more times (one fruit one veggie) and both times he needs 5-7 ounces with those baby foods

    Answer by nandy90 at 8:24 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • By 9 months all my kids were on table foods, small little bits of whatever we were having. They would have a bottle (or nurse), and then I would feed them cut up pieces of "real" food until they stopped eating. They will let you know when they are full. (They also nursed a couple other times/day as snacks)

    Answer by missanc at 9:00 PM on May. 22, 2011

  • Give them their bottle, and when done, offer some solids. Follow THEIR lead. Know that until 12 mos, solids always come after nursing/bottle. You can use baby food if you like, but you can also just give them some of what you're eating (mashed, pureed, or just cut really tiny so they can pick it up and feed it to themselves)

    Answer by Krysta622 at 5:24 PM on May. 23, 2011

  • Oh, don't use solids to replace formula or nursing until at least 12 mos of age. Until 12 mos, the main source of nutrition and calories is breast milk or formula. Solids are just for fun/practice until 1yr.

    Answer by Krysta622 at 5:26 PM on May. 23, 2011

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