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My son will be two the end of Jan, he isn't talking very much and he doesn't care to be read to. He doesn't show the least bit of need for neither me or his daddy. What's the deal? Is he on task with social development?

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Asked by CM2TX08 at 1:39 AM on Dec. 8, 2008 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • At two years old they should be pretty chatty....Does he exhibit any signs of autism? Reading is something that kids sometimes dont' show an interest in til later. Does he know his colors and stuff?

    Answer by a_and_j_momma at 1:45 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • You could have given him too many toys so that all he is interested in is those toys. Consult your Dr about his lack of intrest and lack of speech. Only a professional can truely tell if there is a real devlopment problem or not at this age.

    Answer by vbruno at 1:51 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • Whoa, don't listen to the first poster.

    I have worked with children in a headstart program and I had several kids who wren't talking very much at two.

    Is there an ECI program in your area?

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:20 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • Duh anon, that's why I asked more questions....I know not talking much doesn't always = autism. I also have worked iwth children and work in a childen's hospital...sooooooooo I asked for more info

    Answer by a_and_j_momma at 2:30 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • I was under the impression head start is for children at risk in low income families. In our area many come from families that do not know English and are behind in language. So saying not to listen to the first poster based on your headstart program having children who do not really talk does not seem like an accurate basis.

    The person who asked the orignial question should go off accurate information on developmental milesetones. For example :

    From 18 to 24 Months
    Kids should have a vocabulary of about 20 words by 18 months and 50 or more partial words by the time they turn 2. By age 2, kids should be learning to combine two words, such as "baby crying" or "Daddy big." A 2-year-old should also be able to follow two-step commands (such as "Please pick up the toy and bring me your cup").


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:44 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • Cont...
    So yes by age two children should be chatty. At least an interest in communicating and sharing. There are always children who are above/below the average and are considered normal, but anytime there is a concern a parent should address it at the earliest age.

    Other signs to look for in general would be lack of pointing, like she said lack on interest in people, interaction, among many other things. Which the OP did mention. I think it woudl warrant a visit to the pedi to discuss concerns.


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:44 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • It could be aspergers, a slight autism...that doesn't impare his ability to fntion in society. My Bro in law has it, and you would never know. In fact a lot of very influential men have had aspergers (such as Bill Gates and Einstein)...but I wouldn't stress or try to self diagnose...your pediatrician knows best if he is meeting his milestones. I would just express some concern and she what the Doc says!

    Answer by megmckn at 5:18 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • About the comment about toys, it doesnt matter how many toys a child has. By, 2 a child should be saying alot of words and communicating. You can call your county and get connected with their early intervention program. They will come out and have your child evaluated for speech therapy and developmental therapy. You should do it right now before your child turns 3.

    Answer by akhlass at 5:41 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns. Write down all of the "symptoms" before you go in. He/she will likely order some testing to be done. Don't worry, there may be nothing wrong with your son, he may be a late bloomer. If there is something that needs attention, early intervention is always best. Luck to you!

    Answer by Scuba at 6:52 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • I can only speak from my own experience, but my son didn't really start talking more than "mamamama" and "dadadadada" until he was only about 2 1/2. When I asked my ped about it, she said that it was normal. At this age they are more concerned with what the child understands because they are concerned about hearing problems. As far as reading goes, maybe books just aren't his thing, ya know? Does he keep his attention focused on other things for any length of time? If so, I wouldn't really worry. I would just talk to the pediatrician about it. There's such a wide variance of "normal". Just because one child is talking at 2, doesn't mean all children should be.

    Answer by tel4him at 7:01 AM on Dec. 8, 2008

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