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Do you scold your 2 year old? (vent)

omfg, I know my daughter is in her terrible two stage, and I keep telling myself that this stage will pass.

BUT OMFG! Just today, I was taking a shower...
She goes downstairs, gets the baking powder out of the pantry...its all over my couch. She climbs up to get a magnet to unlock the child proof cabinets, and gets out baby tylenol and takes 6 (yes, already called poison control).

So, I tell her she can't go outside because she's misbehaving.

Then, I'm cleaning her room and I watch her go downstairs, she wants to watch Mickey Mouse, so I turn it on. I leave her for 5 minutes, and hear a crash. She's back in the kitchen, magnet in hand, pulling shit out of the locked cabinets. Knocks my 55 in tv off of its stand while I'm cleaning up nails because she threw them everywhere.

HELP ME PLEASE! I think when my dh comes home, I'm going to go to a movie by myself.

So, today, she's gotten her butt busted twice. Lost privileges to play outside today. Is sleeping by herself in her bed tonight at 8 o'clock. And she's been scolded and put into time out.

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Asked by Chloesmom1126 at 4:51 PM on May. 23, 2011 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • It is really hard, mama . . I know. I have a 2 year old, also.

    Unfortunately, they do not have much self-control at that age. So, they cannot be left alone while you shower. You can bring her into the bathroom with you, lock her inside with you, and put some toys on the ground for her to play with. You still need to watch. If you are not in the room with her, you can expect her to get into danger.

    Just a few more years, mama . . . . just a few more years, and it will be so much easier.

    Also, they are too young for spanking . . . their little brains just don't get that.

    I promise it will get better.

    Until then, it is 24 hour surveillence, unfortunately.

    Answer by ImaginationMama at 4:56 PM on May. 23, 2011

  • At 2 you cant do anything by yourself. You have to bring them with you everywhere. I got into the habit of showering late at night because I have kids and when they were little there was just no way to do it during the time they were up. Also odds are she isnt going to understand any of the punishments you gave her, she has a limited vocab still and doesnt get why you are hitting her or not letting her go outside. I would have changed the scenery and taken her little butt for a lonnnng walk and wore her out so she would have napped lol.

    Answer by gemgem at 4:59 PM on May. 23, 2011

  • My son is 2 years old, and I don't think there is any reasoning with a 2 year old child. He gets time outs, and occasionally a swat on the butt.

    Answer by MomMom23 at 5:00 PM on May. 23, 2011

  • Mine is almost three, but yes, scolding a 2-year-old is perfectly fine. Time outs at AOK as well. I don't personally think spaking at that age is a good idea, but that is just me, if it works for you, great. I do have a few suggestions, though.

    1. Lock the pantry with a child lock or a chain at the top of the door.
    2. Remove the magnet for the child lock NOW! Put is somewhere that DD can do get it. Hide it somewhere new.
    3. Do NOT clean her room for her while she is watching TV!!!! She should have her butt in that room cleaning it by herself! (Or with your HELP, not you doing it alone!).

    I wish you the best of luck, this is definitely a crazy age!

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:11 PM on May. 23, 2011

  • i know it's not easy with a 2 year old i'm on my son every day cause he's doing something he shouldn't and knows not to... what eerk me the most is that he stairs at me while doing it... the only time he does get scared is when he see's me walking his way and he runs.. my son acts like he gets beat for what reason i don't know.. i'm hoping it does get better for myself too cause i have another coming along too... but time outs normally work for me cause that has to be the worse punishment for him. GL mom just take a deep breath.

    Answer by mommys2cupcakes at 5:13 PM on May. 23, 2011

  • My son turned 2 two months after i had my second child, and yes it was a terrible time from age 2 till 3 was horrible, now that he is about to be four he seems to have calmed down a ton, and all the hard work was worth it. i personally did not leave him alone thill he was closer to three, but i dont really think this says anything at all about you as a parent other than you want to be clean. lol. i know its hard but the best time to take a shower and such is during either naps or after bedtime, at least until ou know you can trust her. obviously your daughter is a very smart little girl if she is able to open a child saftey lock at such a young age, and as frustrating as that is, and i know believe me my son has been picking simple locks since before he turned 2, it is a good thing. Good luck with everything.

    Answer by 2breath2live at 5:38 PM on May. 23, 2011

  • Ha I know how you feel my son is two and he's obsessed with our sink he climbs over gates, gets in the DVDs like he's got all these toys. But does he want to play with those no he wants to play with what he's not soppost to play with I cannot wait till he's out of this stage but I have another son who is one and he will be right behind him it will be the longest terrible twos ever

    Answer by mad_ct_mom at 12:50 AM on May. 24, 2011

  • Lol..i've so been down the baking Powder road, except it was all over the kitchen floor an on the dog. I really don't have any other choice but to shower during the day and my daughter can unlock any lock (besides the front door) in our house and turn door knobs so unless I add another lock to the bathroom door, locking her in isn't an option. Showering at night isn't always possible and sometimes I still need a shower before leaving the house the next day, so i'm out of options other than turning on the tv and hoping for the best for 10 quick minutes while I shower. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she climbed on top of the kitchen counter, got into the top kitchen cabinet, picked the childproof lock as well, got a sharpie, and colored our 43 inch flat screen tv, my living room tables, and our white dog...WTF. She did all of this while I was using the bathroom..literally in like 5 minutes..I know and feel your pain.

    Answer by mileysmom1 at 1:31 AM on May. 24, 2011

  • I also wanted to add that yes, I scold my daughter all the time for these types of things and then feel bad, but i'm at a loss. I bust her butt for things like this as well because time-out does nothing for her what so ever. I know that my daughter is only 2, but sometimes something has go to give and smiling and counting to 10 just doesn't cut it.....I literally have went into my bedroom, locked the door, and just screamed as lound as I could into a pillow...I know it doesn't seem very "'adult like" or make any sense, but it helps and makes me feel better, lol.

    Answer by mileysmom1 at 1:36 AM on May. 24, 2011

  • Sorry, but she is obviously a child who needs more supervision. Keep her with you and use a gate for areas you don't want her in

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 1:57 PM on May. 25, 2011

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