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Ok so im a little

Ok when my daughter was nursing i had her sleep in a bassinet right next to me because i was terrified of SIDs and other first-time mommy things. So now she's a year old and she sleeps in this portable crib right next to our bed still. I know she needs to be in her own room but i NEVER wake up and it kills me to think she might wake up in the middle of the night and scream all night because i cant hear her. Even over the baby moniter im bad when i sleep. Any suggestions?

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Asked by collegemom1007 at 1:03 PM on Dec. 8, 2008 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • just move her into her own room.. if she starts screaming.. and cant cry herself back to sleep then you'll wake up trust me... you just have to do it and get over those fears =D

    Answer by krazyash023 at 1:04 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • well, if the baby monitor won't work, then how did you wake up when she was in the bassinet next to you? don't worry, she'll be fine. i put my son's crib in my room at first, and then i put him in his room and was up every 10 minutes checking on him. now that i have my second, i'm not even worried. i just put on the monitor and go to sleep. especially now that she's one, you really have nothing to worry about, she won't smother herself, cuz she can move very well. and more than likely you'll wake up if she cries. i was like that, i didn't wake up for nothing. as soon as i had my son, "mommy mode" kicked in and i woke up to every wimper.

    Answer by armywife43 at 1:07 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • You'll hear her if you move her. You're not hearing her now because she's sleeping through the night. Trust me, if something is really wrong she'll let you know.
    You're better off having her get used to sleeping in her own room now so that the transition to a big girl bed won't be quite as difficult as it would be if you were moving her into her own room and into a big bed.

    Answer by twinclubmom at 1:32 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • BABY MONITER, duh.

    Answer by mommacierra at 1:50 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • Well, I go against the grain here...I don't here my kids at ALL during the night. When I'm asleep...I'm asleep! There was no 'mommy mode' that kicked in when they were babies. One of my kids has been in my bed the past few nights becuase she's been sick, and I know I would never hear her if she woke up. Sometimes I still don't hear her in my bed and DH has to wake up and get whatever she needs or wake me up. It's VERY scary to know that you don't wake up when you're kids do. My own relief is that DH usually hears them and wakes me up. I have no advice for you because I'm in the same boat as you....just make sure when she is in her own room and can get up and walk that you have all the doors childproofed so she can't get out and hurt herself.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:01 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • My son is 18 months and his crib is still in our room. I suffer from sleep apnea and my husband is a hard sleeper so will feel that it is safe for him to be in our room. We have a nursey suite connected to our room and we will move him at age 2. Right now he is very active and might climb out of his crib. Remember to follow your heart! Do what works for you:)

    Answer by haveahappyday at 2:20 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • I was always worried about that too. The first time my dd slept through the night I woke up the next morning wondering if she'd woken up and i hadn't heard her. Your baby will be fine. If you are really worried you could sleep in her room a few nights with her to make sure she is fine and than move into your room. Baby monitors work really well. If you are worried be sure to get one that plugs in so you don't have to worry about batteries dying. u can also get monitors that have video too.

    Answer by ajbrownies at 2:27 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • First, it is ok to keep her in your room. But if she is sleeping trough the night then I would say it is ok to move her if that is what you want. Also, if you were to wait a few more months and give her a toddler bed, she could always come find you if she needed you.

    Answer by AJmamma at 2:55 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • I thought the same thing but I got a baby monitor that also vibrates if she's crying hard enough that something might be wrong (not just moaning or talking which my oldest does sometimes) and it helped but I was sooo on edge about it because I never let the girls sleep in our bed cuz I didn't want to break one more thing (bottle, diapers, etc.) from them. I'm a super hard sleeper but the only thing I ever wake up to is the babies crying.

    Answer by watersgirls at 4:28 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

  • both of my babies still sleep in the same room with me. we live with my boyfriends mother and there isnt enough rooms for them to have their own but i think if we moved out i would still be terrified to let them sleep alone. :( im a big baby

    Answer by proudmama_2boys at 9:29 PM on Dec. 8, 2008

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