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10 must-dos before having kids? What were yours?

1.       I am glad I got to have my “party phase.” Now I have no regrets about how limited my husband and I are in going out, or how scarcely we get to see our friends.

2.       I went to school. I am still working on my Masters, and I realize how hard it is with small children. I cannot imagine what having to get a Bachelor’s would have been like under these circumstances. Kudos to all those women who do it.

3.       Getting a nice car. I got to appreciate my nice car prior to kids, as now it is full of baby gear, spilled apple juice (the sticky never gets out, even with a leather interior), and baby snacks. With my brood ever growing, I no longer want the nice car, but am longing for something more family oriented.

4.       Working out. Being in pretty good shape prior to getting pregnant helped me keep my figure through the first and second kid.

5.       I wish I would have travelled abroad more. I travelled a lot with my parents when I was younger, but haven’t been since finishing high school. I think I would appreciate it more now, but I will just have to wait until the kids are a bit older.

6.       I wish I had taken some dance classes. I would love to show my daughter how to dance. Perhaps this is for the best. Maybe we can take classes together one day.

7.       I bought all the purses and shoes I will ever need! (At least that is what I tell myself). Now all my extra money goes towards my children, and I can no longer justify frivolous shopping sprees.

8.       I wish I had taken a cruise. I have never been on a cruise, but have always wanted to experience it, regardless of where the cruise would be taking me.

9.       I had an all girls’ trip. For my best friend’s wedding, the other bridesmaids and I had a mini road trip. We spent a week with the bride before the big day. It was excruciatingly tiring, but an absolute blast!

10.   I wish I had slept more. I think this is pretty self explanatory.;_ylt=AomaGsaLNh61rG9wAU02FLVpbqU5


Asked by tasches at 6:32 PM on May. 25, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (6)
  • Here's MY PERSONAL list of what I am glad was done before we had kids.
    1. Graduate HS
    2. Graduate College
    3. Have a career established
    4. Be Married
    5. Have your OWN PLACE
    6. be financially able to care for children
    7. Take some couple's vacations before kids, travel, see movies, take long walks at midnight, etc etc
    9. Have sex as often as you want , ANYTIME OF DAY - lol
    10. WANT KIDS. DH and I didn't plan them until we truly were ready and wanting to have them.

    Answer by KairisMama at 7:21 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • Take a vacation with just myself. If I knew then what I know now I would have taken some real time for myself. I would have gone to a completely new place and spent as much time eating in peace, drinking coffee in peace, watching movies in peace and etc. Being a mommy is the most special job but there are times I wish I could have lots of quiet!!

    Answer by ArmyBratMommy09 at 6:39 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • I wish we would have bought a house. But other than that, I'm good. I always want to get my house clean before giving birth! LOL

    Answer by Dabberdoo at 6:43 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • Saved more money. Life is ever changing and I am sure if I had done the things I think I have missed out on there would be others that would come to mind. The only one sure thing I don't have enough of is money for braces, glasses, trips to the ER, colllege...well you get the picture.

    Answer by sipn_mom at 6:48 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • 1. I was 16 when I got pregnant, and I wanted to give my son a good life
    2.get married and privide a stable home
    3. be a SAHM with DH having a good income
    4. have a clean safe invionment for my kids
    5. be educated in children
    6. have a wonderful marrieage fpor them to learn from!
    7.Have a financial stable that we can live with ( DH is active army
    8. have great religious ties for my kids ( Catholic)
    9.Have a good enough relationship hat I can believe in my no birthcontol rule and have my wonderful 5 kids and ( planning on ) 6th child!
    10.Be emotionally, mentally, and physically capable of caring for my children towhere they are happy, and stable andproud to have me as " MOM"

    Answer by JoLee12345 at 8:10 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • I had kids young, but glad I graduated high school.

    Answer by miyucamui at 8:11 PM on May. 25, 2011