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I may be pregnant but he doesn't want another child, how do I tell him?

My husband doesn't want a third child (he made that very clear) but I may be pregnant, how do I tell him if I am, I am afraid to find out...

P.S: To those who are wondering about protection, he relied on me to tell him when to use protection, so I don't know if I miscounted the days or if I am just that fertile LOL 

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Asked by misscasa at 7:19 PM on May. 25, 2011 in Relationships

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  • SURPRISE! Surprises are never expected but 9 times out of 10 they end up being something you never even knew you wanted.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 7:21 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • u just tell him.. look u and i had sex.. we created another kid... its how it happens.. if u 2 arent doing anything to stop it.. then he should expect another child

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:21 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • if hes a real man he will except the fact that you are ! and Become A daddy To yet another Child

    Answer by PrissyT at 7:24 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • Maybe he'll surprise you. My boyfriend was completely against kids and made it very clear to me that he didn't want kids. The best I could get out of him was a "maybe in 10 years". The day I found out I was pregnant was the day I was supposed to start my next month of birth control. He suggested me getting a pregnancy test and even bought the test for me and surprise surprise, positive. I cried! I was terrified to tell him! I went ahead and called him at work, told him, and sent him a picture of the test. He wasn't mad, he actually took it better than not only I did, but better than I thought he would. I'm now 14 and a half weeks and he's looking forward to it now, he can't wait to find out what were having! Good luck to you whatever the outcome may be!

    Answer by SMC112011 at 7:31 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • If he didnt want another baby he shoulda wrapped his willy LOL. It takes two and he should have been thinking instead of just sticking it. Just tell him. Chances are he will get over it rather quickly. Not must he can do about it now!

    Answer by jmgblair10 at 7:40 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • He will know sooner or later

    Answer by sweet11-12 at 7:57 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • He's your hubby, just simply tell him. Find out for sure and just tell him. I'm just waiting for the opp to say im pregnant and so is my hubby. will be fine

    Answer by Esam at 7:58 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • You just tell him! It couldn't hurt to make it fun & creative while you're at it.
    When I was 40 & my DH was 42, I got the big surprise that I was pregnant. Our daughter was 20 & our son was 14 & we were DONE, or so we thought. I knew my DH didn't want anymore & made it perfectly clear. And, at my age, with our kids almost grown, I didn't either. When I finally was coherent enough to speak & with much "fear & trembling", I showed him the test stick. All he did was laugh. Within a few days, we were so excited. I had my baby boy at age 41. Imagine my "fear & trembling" when, a few months after our son's birth, I had to give my hubby the news AGAIN!!... yep! a little girl... needless to say, DH found new motivation to go get his vasectomy after putting it off several times. We have been so blessed having #3 & #4, we wouldn't change it for anything. He'll get used to the idea & eventually get excited. Best Wishes.

    Answer by ghostwriter777 at 7:59 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • just out of curiosity, did he use condoms? it always gets me when men don't want a child, but yet they don't want to take any responsibility when it comes to the birth control.

    Either way, I hope that things work out for you.

    Answer by ItsMe89 at 8:07 PM on May. 25, 2011

  • Well, tell him straight out. If he is upset about it ask him why he didn't take care of it and get a vasectomy???

    Answer by bcauseimthemom at 8:08 PM on May. 25, 2011

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