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I have a couple questions, one for me, one for my newborn

The question I have is about postpartum bm's (sorry, gotta ask!). I haven't had to worry about not going or anything like I had to with my last pregnancy. I've gone every day since she was born, the only thing is it's always painful and hard like I haven't gone in a couple days. Is this normal? I'm wondering if this is my body's way of getting rid of all the extra stuff it was holding onto while I was pregnant since I had to deal with constipation on and off? Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it take to go back to normal?

My second question is about nursing my daughter. The first week I'd nurse on one side, change her to wake her up, nurse the other side, then swaddle her and rock her to sleep. Well she would be pretty much asleep after nursing on the second side when I'd swaddle her. The swaddling would actually wake her up, that's why I rocked her back to sleep. I started skipping the swaddling after nursing her and just moving her to the bassinet as soon as she fell asleep and was done nursing. Which one is worse do you think? Me using nursing to get her to sleep, or using the swaddling/rocking combination to get her to sleep? She's only about 2 weeks old, so I'm more concerned about making sure she's happy now, but I know later on some things I start now will make things harder when she's older.

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:26 PM on May. 26, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (13)
  • I 2 weeks old there isn't much difference. You just kind of do what works best. IMO nursing to sleep is better than rocking to sleep because it is easier and if the feeding to sleep isn't dropped on their own it can easily be transitioned into a cup of water or snack as a toddler.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 1:29 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • I rocke my little one when he was born. I didn't stop until he turned 2. It was hard to break him from that habit. I learned from that mistake.

    Answer by babygirl0782 at 1:29 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • The hard BM are normal after birth. It's from the stress of pushing. Take colace. It will soften the stool and make it easier to go without making you bloat or have gas.

    As for your baby, neither is a bad option at this age. She is still needing contact with mommy and you being near is comforting in this BIG world. As she gets older, you will learn when she is using you as a pacifier and then worry about other alternatives to getting her to sleep.

    I nursed and swaddled to sleep for almost 6 months before I started exploring other ways to get her to sleep.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 1:29 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • *at 2 weeks.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 1:29 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • did they give you a stool softner in the hospital? you can go buy some and see if that helps....with the baby, i'd skip the swaddling if she falls asleep without it :) GL

    Answer by josiesmommy00 at 1:30 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • i'd do both... swaddling is a comfort for a baby when done correctly.. but really its mostly up to you...

    Answer by girlglow6 at 1:37 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • That makes sense about nursing to sleep instead of swaddling. I'm all for pacifiers, so I'm fine with using that later on to help her sleep. As for the BM's, when does it usually go back to normal? I'm making sure to eat healthy for baby girl and am drinking TONS of water. It's just so weird to me that they're still so hard like they are. It's not painful enough that I'd buy something for it, I just didn't experience this last time.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:46 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • Why not swaddle her before you nurse? But I agree, at this point it doesn't really matter. Whatever works best for both of you.

    Answer by Candi1024 at 1:52 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • If I swaddle her before she nurses she's more likely to pass out before she's really done haha. She's a very polite and sometimes sleepy eater. That's why I have to change her in between sides to make sure she gets enough to eat.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:55 PM on May. 26, 2011

  • you might need to drink more water for the bathroom thing... try some prunes too that always helps

    I wouldn't worry too much about the order of swaddling/nursing/etc... right now... I know I stressed out about it too at first but every month or so she changes and so the routine changes slightly too.

    Answer by elizabiza at 2:01 PM on May. 26, 2011

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