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TMI warning- Wierd porn on dhs phone... wwyd?

Okay so I have NO idea how to react to this. If someone else told me this happened to them I'd lmao but wtf do I do?...

My DH has been pretty unenthusiastic in bed. I've looked up positions to try and have been trying new things for him but its just not the same. We've been together for 6 yrs and I don't doubt his love for me but its obvious to me he wants more in bed. Or other places... Anyway I went through his phone cause I know he looks at porn on it and I was just looking to see what he was interested in. Low and behold I find Google searches for "horse cock"....


Now the anal, double anal, lesbian stuff I can deal with but HORSE COCK??

Feel free to laugh, I know I would... But what do I do? Do I say something? before i went through his phone i did try asking him what kinds of fantasies he has and if there's something he wants to try but he wouldn't respond... I didnt mean to be a sneak by goof trough his phone, I was just trying to find a way to please him but hell with animals... "Wtf" is basically all I can think And no, this unfortunately is not a joke.

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:53 PM on May. 27, 2011 in Relationships

Answers (20)
  • ever seen 2 men and a horse? lol.....u never know what men do when its just men!!! girl ur not alone i walked in my house to see my SO lookin up animal sex lol... his cousin was sitting on my couch and they both we talkin and jokin about it do they decided to look it up..

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:56 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • I don't even know how to respond to this.....GL! I hope you figure this all out!

    Answer by Brandi300 at 1:56 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • I would hold up the phone, on the horse cock, and ask him "wtf is this?!" Not in a OMG shocked kind of voice, but a....oh, I don't know, inquisitive? type voice, probably with a little giggle to go with it (depending on how your husband might respond). At least if that were me and my husband, LOL.

    Answer by hopeandglory53 at 1:56 PM on May. 27, 2011


    Answer by letstalk747 at 1:56 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • Maybe it is similar to people who chase ambulaces? Or pass by a car accident. It's so strange and unreal that they can't help but look?

    I would ask him about it. As for going thru the my relationship, we have no secrets so if he picked up my phone and looked at it, I would think nothing of it. I have nothing to hide.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 1:57 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • Just ask him why he is looking up that.

    Answer by louise2 at 1:58 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • maybe he was comparing himself to it lololol

    Answer by Ericaca at 1:58 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • blank stareWTF!!! is all I got...maybe it was a joke kinda thing? someone told him to look it up? IDK...I wouldn;t go to him about it let him have his thing if that's what he likes as long as he;s not asking you to fuck a goat I don;t see an issue. GL


    Answer by happymama02 at 2:01 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • LMFAO!
    I can not stop laughing and I thought I heard it all
    Ok...phew...I wiped my eyes and stopped laughing.
    Maybe he was just curious, you know..I mean..we all get curios about strange things.."inquiring minds want to know:

    Answer by kimberlyinberea at 2:02 PM on May. 27, 2011

  • I woud ask him why he was looking at that. And, no----I am not going to laugh. That's not funny.

    Answer by minnesotanice at 2:05 PM on May. 27, 2011

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