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Lumps, positive and neg preg test, just confused! TMI adult content

This is a post I made in TTC but it's not getting replies and I really just need someone that can maybe help....

Well, as posted in earlier posts, I took a HPT Mar. 20, but started bleeding Mar. 21. Took another one 5 weeks later, Apr 22, and it was positive. Took 4 over a 3 day span, all positive, but when I got to the clinic, started bleeding, which was on Apr 25. The test was positive, so they want me to "assume" I'm pregnant until I go in on June 2, but I took another HPT about a week later that was negative. Well, as of yet, it's May 27, and no bleeding as of yet, though cramping as like before. I am unsure still if I am pregnant or not, as they said my blood looked "good" when I went last month, but they are supposed to do an ultrasound I believe this go around on the June 2. I am very uncertain. I have gained some weight (not much, a few lbs, just enough to give me hope lol), and my tummy seems "rounder" at times, and even feel nausous at times, but i keep wondering how much of it is in my head because i want to be pregnant so badly and how much of it is real lol. Anyone have any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.


OK STILL no bleeding, and tomorrow is the 31st! I know I shouldn't get excited but I can't help it! I do have a few questions though. Found a lump, about a finger width above my nipple, on my right breast. It's kinda hard, moves, very tender...any suggestions? Can't post pics as you can't see it, just feel it. I'm very concerned about it! I'm hoping it could be maybe caffine build up or something like that. Any ideas ladies? Also, though I know I've taken like 6 HPT in the last 6 weeks and they were all +, then took that one a few weeks ago that said -, should I test again since there's been no bleeding or do yall think that'll jinx me?? I got to go to the dr on the 2nd and they'll tell me something (I hope, fingers are tightly crossed) for sure, but I guess I got pee-on-a-stick syndrome lol...

EDITED**** can it be a possible tubal pregnancy???

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Asked by sissy4444 at 11:31 PM on May. 30, 2011 in General Parenting

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  • I defintely think you are pregnant! i got a lump on my right breast around the areola also! Its because of the hormones... congrats!!!
    Tho, im nervous that you are bleeding. Im surprised your doctors didnt make sure you werent miscarrying. I know that is scary..but you have had several positives so i think you are pregnant!!!!

    Answer by Mommy103110 at 11:39 PM on May. 30, 2011

  • at mommy103110-
    when I had the bleeding in mar, they did say I miscarried, but then 5 weeks later I had the positive tests again. Again, started bleeding, and had another negative test the following week :( BUT no bleeding this month, but I didn't wanna jinx it by taking ANOTHER test, and start bleeding again, KWIM? Anyhow, THANK YOU. I'm praying and hoping that is what it is...we are so wanting another one!

    Comment by sissy4444 (original poster) at 11:43 PM on May. 30, 2011

  • You are probably still pregnant. Some women's hormone levels actually go down towards the end of the first trimester and an HPT might show a false negative. I also could be the time of day you took it or the quality or age of the test.

    Answer by AmourSpork at 12:13 AM on May. 31, 2011

  • at amour-
    REALLy? Could i really be farther along than we think? That would kinda be means I dont have as long to go haha...but could be bad cuz i have some habits (such as caffine) that I havent kicked yet cuz we don't know anything for sure! I'm scared to think I'm pregnant and find out I'm not and be all disappointed, as stupid as that sounds. I just didn't want to get excited and not even be pregnant... :(

    Comment by sissy4444 (original poster) at 12:18 AM on May. 31, 2011

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