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Ear tubes

My son never had an ear infection until he was almost a year old and he is 17 months now. He's had 4 or I have to take him to the ear dr tuesday! I'm so nervous. I don't want him being put to sleep. I dont like the fact I can't be in there with him and im just not so sure about the tubes!!

If they offer them I want to say no! But i dont want to regret it and i dont want them to think im a bad mom. What do yall think about ear tubes?

Me and my 4 brother and sisters had ear infections but never had tubes, were okay today.

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Asked by EheartsZ07 at 6:11 PM on May. 31, 2011 in Kids' Health

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  • He can hear good. He can talk good enough for a 17 month old I think. I don't think the ear infections have affected his speech or hearing. So what else could they do to make me consider tubes?????? Thanks

    Comment by EheartsZ07 (original poster) at 6:12 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • They will not consider tube unless her has had more than 10 infections in year at the ENT we use. My DS is about to get his second set because his ear pressures are off and it is affecting his hearing. Even if your LO did need tubes it is a SUPER short procedure in and out of anesthesia in 20 min. It is a little nerve racking because they are upset but it at least it is fast.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 6:14 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • When my son was little he had ear infections a lot. They did tubes and I was happy because the dr. said it would end the ear infections. The whole procedure took less than a half an hour. It was like 10 minutes to put them in, I waited in the lobby about 20 minutes. I went in right after he came out and stayed in recovery with him. He never had another ear infection and it's been 5 years.

    For him, there were really no side effects. When I got into recovery he was eating a popcicle. He ate several and thought that was really cool. He watched cartoons and got a scooby doo teddy bear when we left. The hospital we used also had a scooby doo tour a week before surgery so the kids were familiar with the area. My son was only 2, but he seemed to enjoy it. And at that age they aren't scared of having it done because they don't know what's happening.

    Answer by marybeth927 at 6:16 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • If the ENT recommends it, I would do it because it ends the pain or repeated ear infections. My son's speech and hearing weren't affected either, but ear infections hurt.

    Answer by marybeth927 at 6:18 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • My nephew had them and it helped him with the infections and his speech. And now they think he will be able to start K on time and in a regular classroom.

    My Childhood fiends daughter had them finally put in after 3 years of ear infections, she is doing 100% better with illness and eating better. And sleeping better since she isn't as sick or in as much pain.

    So I vote for doing it. The risk out ways the benefits in this case for me.

    Answer by DevilInPigtails at 6:31 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • Are you kidding me? I guess I am not the overprotective type. Well- in some ways I am(; but I was all for it after seeing my daughter be as miserable as she was and finally the antibiotics stopped working. Seriously-she built an immunity to them and she was having constant ear infections and there was no sleep for anybody. It was horrible. I was happy to let them put her out and put the tubes in. It is such a simple little procedure and they do it all the time. She was a great candidate for it though and she hasn't had problems since. They have been such a sanity saver.

    Answer by lauralivivy at 6:43 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • Tubes were the best thing I ever did for my daughter. They aren't out for very long. I was holding her again within 30 minutes.

    Answer by other_mother at 7:11 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • My daughter also ended up with speech problems due to ear infections. The tubes were a life saver. And honestly? The procedure was no big deal. I was scared and nervous too, but honestly, they took her back, and I felt like I didn't even really have time to go out in the waiting room and sit down and cry like I felt like I wanted to before they were calling me back, telling me she was done. She was up and playing and acting like nothing had happened by the time we got her home. I'd do it all again if I had to. In the 4 years since she's had them, she's only had 2 ear infections. And most of that was just infected drainage, more than the ear canal being infected, which means the tubes were doing their job. If the ENT recommends tubes for your little guy, do him a favor and consider it please?

    Answer by Eviesmommy at 7:39 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • We have the surgery scheduled for the 9th. My little one had 3 ear infections in about 8 months, not many by some standards, but her peditrition was keeping an eye on the fluid in her ears and discovered that the infections were really just one infection going on for 8 months. The fluid wasn't draining and continued to get infected over and over. She isn't walking yet and the ENT thinks she will be up and running within days of the surgery because the fluid is impairing her balance. I was scared for her, still am, but I am so thankful that they won't be starting an IV. They just give her a little gas to get her to go to sleep, and 5 minutes later the tubes are in and she's done. The dr even said that she prolly won't even know what happened and may not feel any pain at all. I'm sort of looking forward to the surgery because I don't want her development hindered any further.

    Answer by Kitkat61277 at 11:38 PM on May. 31, 2011

  • Znx

    Answer by tootoobusy at 12:00 AM on Jun. 1, 2011

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