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Hi my baby is now 4 days old and i am breastfeeding. my nipples got that sore the midwife suggested to get an electric breast pump so my baby is stil getting breastmilk but just a different way. my baby is wanting more milk than i can express would i be able to add a little milk we drink to my breast milk to make it a little more for her or will that not be good for her. please help?

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Asked by lesley87 at 6:15 AM on Jun. 2, 2011 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • Nope that would not be good for her. Her little tummy is not able to process cows milk properly. You need to pump our breast feed more often to increase your supply. Also get in contact with a lactation consultant, the are very helpful.

    Answer by Melbornj at 6:32 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • If you need to supplement you will need to buy formula. Do not give your newborn regular milk.

    Answer by Syphon at 6:34 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • Nipples get sore but if you tough it out you'll be glad since you won't have to do all the balancing trying to keep them from being sore...
    I would see a lactation consultant not a midwife for this one.. and No, cow's milk is too hard on a newborn's tummy.

    Try taking small squares of fabric, spritzing them with water and freezing them - apply to nipples before baby latches on. That can ease some discomfort... just don't go crazy on the frozen water part.. don't want frozen nipples lol!!

    Answer by Camilletnt at 7:00 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • Try to tough it out. Pumping is not as efficient as letting the baby nurse. I know it can get painful. :( But it really does get much better.

    Like someone else mentioned, find a lactation consultant. Your local hospital might even have a breastfeeding class you can go to. Are you using anything on your nipples? Lasinoh (lanolin) is great. Put it on whenever you finish nursing. You don't have to wipe it off before baby nurses again.

    So sorry. I hope you are able to work through this and it feels better very soon!

    Answer by micheledo at 7:08 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • good advice from the other ladies, just nurse, nurse, nurse! get a lactation consultant to come see you and make sure you have a nice latch. also have her check to see if your flanges on your pump are the correct size for your breasts. soreness is normal at this stage, as well as some cracking of the nipples, but they'll be feeling much better in a week or so. remember to use pillows if you need to, to put under the baby so that you aren't having to lean over or stretch your nipples too much. be comfortable and drink plenty of water, take plenty of snacks, like fresh fruit and whole grain crackers. congrats on your baby! =)

    Answer by LunaB at 7:31 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • also, when the baby has a growth spurt, it will feel as though you aren't making enough milk and the baby is just feeding all the time. this is normal!! don't let anyone tell you that your baby is not getting enough milk. your body will produce as much as baby needs, just keep nursing. this is nature's way of getting new moms to take the time to rest

    Answer by LunaB at 7:34 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • nope, if your baby needs supplements, supplement with formula only, no cows milk until at least a year old.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 7:39 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • Just remember, the first 2-3 weeks of nursing are hell. Once you get through that time it gets MUCH easier. Don't give her regular milk. Formula is OK, but try to nurse through it. It will get better.

    Answer by mompam at 7:42 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • Try lanolin on your nipples after each feeding. Then wipe before nursing the next time. GL

    Answer by whitepeppers at 9:10 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • Definitely get the pump, expensive but helpful if you are committed to breastfeeding. At 4 days old its hard to conceive her needing more then you can make because she isnt drinking THAT much, So hopefully pumping will help increase your supply. Also if your nipples hurt maybe her latch is not correct try another position and call a lactation consultant usually the hospital has help for that. Also get the soothing gel pads that go on your nipples after feedings. Try expressing a little milk after she is done and wipe it on your nipple and let it dry, it helps a lot! Lastly, try feeding her more often until you can get the pump you will make more milk as needed so the more you feed the more you will make. You can ad an ounce of formula to your milk to help out if needed.

    Babies r us has 20% coupons online use those to save on your pump! Good luck!

    Answer by JenzAmomOf2 at 9:47 AM on Jun. 2, 2011

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