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What kind of mom are you?

Are you a strict mom or a laid back mom?

Are you a fun mom or an all-business mom?

Are you the bad guy more often or the good guy? (When it comes to discipline.)

What is your best mom strength? Your worst mom weakness?

Are you the cool mom? Or are you the party pooper mom?

Are you like your mom when it comes to parenting your children? Or are you the complete opposite?

What is your favorite mom saying? (Something you began saying a lot once you had children.)

What T.V. mom are you the most like?

What T.V. mom are you nothing like?

As a mom, you have many titles. Which one do you love the best? (Taxi driver, cheerleader, cook, housekeeper, nurse/doctor, teacher, etc.)

What do you love the most about being a mom?

What do you like the least about being a mom?

The one thing about motherhood that totally took you by surprise?

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Asked by proudmom717 at 9:52 PM on Jun. 2, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (11)
  • Oh gosh, not enough room to answer all those questions! Haha. I am in-between strict and laid-back; very strict about manners and respect, etc, but laid back about most other things. As long as my kids are behaving like respectful little individuals, everything else is pretty much fun with us. I am like my mom in some ways, but more different than the same. I'm much more laid-back and fun; my mom wants to be the "fun mom", but she's very uncomfortable with it, to be honest.

    Let's see...the thing that surprised me most about motherhood is the fact that I start awake if I even think I hear one of my kids. They're not even babies anymore, but it happens all the time - I used to be such a sound sleeper, it still just shocks me to snap awake!

    Answer by aliceryannesmom at 9:57 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • I am generally the bad guy. I'm strict but also laid back-depends on the situation. I am nothing like my mother who chose alcohol and men over her kids. I am not the Brady Bunch mom, but I am not Roseanne either. I am probably most like the mom on Wizards of Waverly Place. I love being a mom-seeing how I have molded my child to be who she is today. I hate the fact that she is nearing high school and I sweat how we are going to pay for College. My favorite mom saying--eat it anyway. I am a fun, cool mom but I am ready to discipline and get my kid in line! My weakness is when my kid wants something I have a horrible time saying no. She's an only child lol. But I must not suck at what I'm doing because she doesn't smoke or do drugs, hasn't had sex, gets good grades--I'm doing something right.

    Answer by emmyandlisa at 9:59 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • I am least like Peg Bundy from TV.

    I never thought I wanted to be a mom. I can't believe that I am now a SAHM to a 3 1/2 year old boy and 15 month old little girl. I never know what they days will bring and it is great to see what new thing they will do each day.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:00 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • #1 Neither
    #2 Between
    #3 In between
    #4 Strength is cooking Weakness I'm a nag
    #5 Party pooper
    #6 Complete opposite
    #7 Because thats why
    #8 Peg Bundy
    #9 Marge Simpson
    #10 Booger catcher lol
    #11 The quiet moments
    #12 My new body
    #13 That my son would have disabilities :( I wasn't prepared for that one

    Answer by myownhappiness at 10:01 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • Oh and most of those answers came from DH and I'm not really sure if he was being honest or smart ass lol but the last 4 were from me :) oh and #7

    Answer by myownhappiness at 10:02 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • 1. Strict on some things, laid back on others.
    2. A little of both.
    3. Definitely the bad guy most of the time (Dad doesn't want/know how to deal with discipline).
    4. I've got a pretty bad temper. My strength is that it takes a while for me to get to the point of explosion. My weakness is that when I do reach that point, I get pretty upset.
    5. I don't really know yet.
    6. I was raised by my dad, so I'm sort of like him. Except I have boobs.
    8. Peg Bundy?
    9. June Cleaver
    10. I think I like "Mom" or "Mommy" or "Mama" best.
    11. Watching my kids learn new things on their own.
    12. How frustrating it is when you tell them something a thousand times and they don't listen.
    13. Baby poop. How can something so small produce something so large?

    Answer by makelineerror at 10:06 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • I am the well rounded mom I'm strict on respect i'm organized and believe it's a trained trait not a born with trait i believe in schedule's that we should eat meals at the same time daily, baths at same time daily bed time at samt time daily. we devated from that sometimes but is usually only by 30 min. also my kids earn free days where we break some rules and go to bed late. except when we have all night family outinging ie fishing camping etc. with that being said I play with my kids! if we are at the park I'm swinging on the swings and running around chasing them, if we are in the bed room we play together with the toys i'm not off watching tv on the computer we have family time daily ,we also color, put puzzle's together and play games,we also play softball together everyweekend along with extended family. we have fun! as far as titles I wear every hat so I like MOMMY just fine


    Answer by traren at 10:25 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • I a mom like my mom was...she passed away. But I am like the way she was. Gentle most of the time,and strict
    when it comes to homework.

    Answer by Amarie345 at 10:26 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • 1. Strict only when it comes to health and safety.
    2. I'm like a "mullet" part fun, part business!
    3. I'm part of a team, best of both worlds.
    4. Consistency. Lose my patience sometimes.
    5. Cool mom.
    6. Neither. Took the best of my mom and added my best!
    7. "Stop doing that, I'm not going to spend my day in the ER!"
    8. Lois from Malcolm in the Middle
    9. June Cleaver
    10. My son calls me Mrs. Bossy Butt. I shouldn't like it but I do.
    11. Everything!
    12. Dads get off too easy, we get the hard shit.
    13. How terriffic I am at it!


    Answer by dwmom2008 at 10:35 PM on Jun. 2, 2011

  • 1. right in the middle
    2 fun, with business on the side
    3. we co-parent, we discipline together
    4. best is keeping up / worst is easily frustrated
    5. Cool all the way... love having fun!
    6.I am very similar to my mom, but a little more laid
    7. If cleanliness is next to Godliness, you are shaking hands with the
    8. Reba
    9. Peggy Bundy
    10. mom
    11. I love raising them and knowing I am molding their future
    12. not much DH helps with everything when he is home...cant complain!
    13.That patience is a virtue and it will take a long time for me to master it!


    Answer by JoLee12345 at 8:42 AM on Jun. 3, 2011

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