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3 month old temp is 99.5??? should i be worried?

he's a little over 3 months old and his temp is 99.5-he's been fussy all day and will only sleep if i am holding him... i concerned should i be? what do i do? im new at this.. thanks for helping...

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Asked by Keri77 at 11:21 PM on Dec. 9, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • Undress him a little bit--take off a layer and see if his temp goes down after a little while. He may just be too warm. If his temp reaches 101 then call the doctor. Anytime an infant under 6 months old has a temp that high it's cause for concern. Try giving him a cool bottle (only an ounce of water). Good luck! :)

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 11:23 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • taken how? Rectal temp that is perfect. Under the arm- slightly warm, something to keep an eye on. Give some Tylenol and it should bring it down and make him feel better. If starts acting more sick bring him in first thing in the morning... OR call your clinic.. they ALWAYS have someone to answer the phone even if they say they are closed stay on the line, someone should answer that can page the doctor and you can talk to them.

    Answer by AmiJanell at 11:26 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • I agree. I used to think that because it was cold I would wrap them up, Stupid me gave him a fever. Start by taking one layer of clothing off and a little water. In about an hour if it doesn't change, or gets higher, call your pediatrician and they will let you know what to do. Don't worry about calling or what time it is. They are always happy to help! Good luck hope your little one feels better. Just let him sleep with you. He obviously doesn't feel well if fussy and wants you.

    Answer by NoDramaMamma at 11:31 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • I don't think it is something that you should worry about. I would give him a little tylenol and that will help him sleep a little and calm down.
    And for the answer from one of the ladies above: It is NEVER okay to give a child under 4-6 months WATER! Except in her bottle mixed with formula.
    On the other hand, It IS okay to give them a little bit of juice. Dilute it half and half.
    Call your clinic if you keep worrying: someone will be there to answer your call.
    I can promise you your pedi is going to say don't worry unless fever goes above 100.1

    Answer by lanesmommy08 at 11:32 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • dont worry about a fever, just keep LO hydrated. Do NOT give tylenol. If, and I dont think your child has a fever, the fever is fighting the sickness so let it. It is natural, so let the fever do its job.

    Your LO just might want attention or be under the weather-just give comfort and make sure you are giving liquids. Keep checking temp but even at 101 it is not that high for concern.


    Answer by Loa1002 at 11:37 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • What is the difference in giving a baby an ounce of water or diluting juice with water? That makes absolutely no sense. I said an ounce...not a cup! You CAN intoxicate an infant with water...but an ounce is not going to cause harm for goodness sakes!

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 11:37 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • The difference is that babies can CHOKE on water by itself, and if you ask your pedi they will tell you a baby doesn't need water by itself until 4-6 months.
    Although, they will tell you to dilute some juice and give it to them.

    Answer by lanesmommy08 at 11:42 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • lanesmommy08--I can't find a THING online that supports that.

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 11:46 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • Sorry you can't. This is a place to give mommys advice and to ask for advice. So, I'm just giving advice to other mommy's and telling them what my pedi told me.
    I know from experience water alone can choke babies.
    Sorry if you believe different.

    Answer by lanesmommy08 at 11:50 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

  • I can't understand how water could choke a baby but juice wouldn't...or milk? They're all fluids.

    Anyways, OP...just call the doc! Apparently they will all tell you something different.

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 11:52 PM on Dec. 9, 2008

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