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So the whole breatfeeding in public thing seems to be an issue again.

To the women who do breastfeed in public how many have actually had a problem?
Comments or such from people who know what you're doing.
I'm confident I can feed my baby out in public without people really knowing what I'm doing. Sure if you've done it you will no doubt know what's going on. To those who don't you can't see my breast and likely think I'm just cradling my baby.
I've breastfed my baby at Walmart, the grocery store all while still pushing my buggy, figure if I sit I might look more like a breastfeeding mommy. Besides I can multi task. I don't do this ofen but I think that people would prefer me to feed my son rather than let him scream and cry because he's hungry. let me tell you I get more looks when he's crying than I do when I'm nirsing him.


Asked by AmandaH321 at 4:58 PM on Jun. 5, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (14)
  • The only negative looks I got, was when I was cover. Usually I don't cover up, just pull up my outer shirt, and pull down my undershirt, and no one seems to be the wiser.

    Although I was once breastfeeding in a sling, and some random lady walked up and peeked inside... she didn't say anything mean, but she looked shocked... not as shocked as I was that some random lady would just walk up and pull back a sling to take a look at a baby without even saying anything to the mom.

    Answer by daughteroftruth at 6:04 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • im most likely gonna breast feed and im not gonna sit at home for 6 months to a year just to feed my if someone does say something to me ill probably just say "so you would much rather listen to a screaming baby then let me feed him....imma keep feeding him, if you dont like it look away"

    Answer by Lizzypuppylove at 5:20 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • I never had a problem? If someone gave looks I must not have noticed. If my baby was hungry I was going to feed them regardless of what anyone might think or feel. Like you I was modest about it and could also multitask. I think those with issues with it just need to get over it. It is how God intended our babies be fed.

    Answer by gemgem at 5:00 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • I've never done it, I went into my car, into a bathroom or something, just wasn't comfortable doing it in public, did it in my backyard while my neighbors were out though, of course fully covered. As long as boobs aren't hanging out, I don't have any problem with it at all whatsoever and I don't understand why anyone would. Babies need their food.

    Answer by momov4kids at 5:03 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • I breast-feed in public all the time and there were a few times I had problems. Once in a mall, a restaurant and on an airplane. I was told to go into the restroom or wait till we laid on the airplane . Other two I was asked to leave. A few times people told me I was disgusting and I belong at home and not in public. All those times I was covered up. That never stopped me from breastfeeding in public though. The restaurant I got a free meal. I left without paying and I told the flight attendant to go to hell that my child is eating and if the person next to me has a problem then she can move.

    Answer by mommy_of_two388 at 5:08 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • No one and no place or buisness can say you can not breastfeed in public you have the right to do so and no one can say otherwise its a state law in NC that if your a breastfeeding mom no buisness can kick you out or say anything to you. Look up your state and see what the law is but alot of states protect a breastfeeding mom. When i have my baby in a few weeks and someone says something to me wow all hell will break loose. And in NC even if your nipple or breast can be seen you can still breastfeed and no one can tell u to cover up but not like i wouldnt be descreet but idk if someone said something to me mmmm id speak words with them.

    Answer by AliciaLamoreux at 5:10 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • I did it so much I got pretty good at walking around while feeding. Dd ate every hour (at least once) for the first 4 months of her life. Sitting at home on the couch while my 2 1/2 year old son all day just so no one would give me weird looks while nursing my infant wasnt the way any of us wanted to spend our time.

    Answer by bloomsr at 5:10 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • I've done it, and never had anyone give me an issue. It's quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. To be discreet is a sinch. Had one had an issue, they would not have liked my response of course. :)


    Answer by KairisMama at 5:12 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • cinch***


    Answer by KairisMama at 5:12 PM on Jun. 5, 2011

  • I never had an issue or comment by anyone and have breastfed three little ones. I always have to sit down to do it or my boob winds up cutting off their breathing, so I am sure people know what I was doing. I cover up but breastfed wherever we were at without any problems.

    Answer by Melbornj at 5:12 PM on Jun. 5, 2011