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My darling child made me bleed. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry!

My son will be 1 this friday (yay!). Our dog has this habit of trying to sneak sticks into the house. I sometimes catch it, but not always. Last night was on of those "not always" moments. I looked over at my son and he had something in his mouth. I said "what do you have in your mouth?" and I got up to fish it out. Of course, he tries fiercely to escape lol. I go to take it out and the second I got my finger in there, he purposely bit down with full force with his tiny front teeth. I screamed "ow" and pulled my hand away. That little turd looked up at me and started laughing! I mean cracking up. I held back the giggles as much as I could but of course my mother who was visiting isn't helping as she's covering her mouth! I really need to not think these things are funny because now i'm afraid he'll be a biter when he gets older and I cannot allow that! Any tips out there from mommies of biters, past or present? Did they start biting this early?

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Asked by DJsMommy610 at 11:37 AM on Jun. 6, 2011 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • in this case i don't think he's becoming a biter, i think he is mimicking what the dog is doing with the stick. So approach it like that show him he can't do what the dog does and maybe that will stop him. If not then approach it like a biting habit. I hope this helps.

    Answer by amberpaiz at 11:42 AM on Jun. 6, 2011

  • I think he's still too young to think it's a problem. You stuck your finger in his mouth and that's all he knows to do with stuff in there now. I think it might be a one time thing.
    IF it does become habit... I learned that biting them (NOT HARD) back in response works really well. They sometimes don't know the pain they inflict so you have to show them!

    Answer by MoNKeyBoyz at 11:56 AM on Jun. 6, 2011

  • Hmm, never thought about mimicking the dog. I guess i'll have to try a few different approaches. The only thing that worries me is this isn't the first time. I don't want him to start biting down everytime he tries to eat something he's not supposed to and we fish it out. His father asked me if I held his cheeks when I did it and I said no and he said thats why he bit me, so apparently he's bitten his dad as well lol. He also find the word "ow" or "ouch" to be hilarious. I don't get it! lol thanks for the tips girls

    Comment by DJsMommy610 (original poster) at 12:13 PM on Jun. 6, 2011

  • lolol I know how hard it is to resist when your cutie does something. But the only thing you can do is try not to laugh.,. and tell him firmly "no biting". If you have to (and yes I/ve had to at times) right after a firm no, walk away into another room and let out the giggles. lol.

    but no this doesnt mean he'll be a biter later... although you may have a biter for about a wek, lol. but next time try your hardest not to laugh, and be firm. they get the point.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:18 PM on Jun. 6, 2011

  • Ive been a child care teacher for over 4 yrs and the age i ended up specializing with was 1's and 2's.
    If he is biting now and laughing about it and seeing its ok with you, he will do it again.
    Maybe next time tho he will do it to another person, and with other ppl he may get a dif reaction.
    Thats how it all starts, they mimic a animal or person or even tv show, and think im gonna try that, and then they try it and its the first reaction that sets it off for them.
    So he didnt get a negitave response but not a positive one so much either so he will def. try it again!
    To help with it if he bites again bc he is an inocent baby still:)
    tell him that hurts your feelings and say ow!
    then leave the room letting him see your not sticking around for that one.
    another thing you can do is get the juice out of a pickle jar and stick it into a popsicle tray or ice tray and when he bites put it in his mouth.

    Answer by amberpowell at 12:54 PM on Jun. 6, 2011

  • I can't say ow, he thinks it's funny. I would love to do the pickle juice but he loves pickles, so that wouldn't work either lol. He would see that as a treat. I haven't tried leaving the room yet so maybe i'll try that. He knows the word "No" so I try to say it as firmly as I can and I've said "that hurts mommy" and he just stares. He's innocent but I def think he's smarter than he lets on sometimes lol

    Comment by DJsMommy610 (original poster) at 1:05 PM on Jun. 6, 2011

  • Firmly say NO and put him down or stand up and walk away! There are lots of things that kids do that make us want to laugh even though we know it's wrong. Just be firm because laughing will encourage a repeat of that behavior. You don't want to reinforce biting as you said!

    Answer by AlisonAstair at 8:31 PM on Jun. 12, 2011

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