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I recently had surgery to have a cyst removed from one of my ovaries but was cut on the wrong side...

I went in for several ultrasounds a few weeks leading up to the surgery and was told by the radiologist & my ob/gyn that the cyst was on the left ovary but after the surgery she said it was actually on the right (she cut me on the left) and did remove it along with my ovary :-(. Now I'm wondering why I was told it was on the left. What was the purpose of the ultrasounds? Shouldn't that have shown exactly which side it was on?

At post-op her explaination was that she based her info on the radiologist's report and when she asked him he said that the pictures he saw showed it to be on the left.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

Sorry for all the questions...

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:07 PM on Dec. 10, 2008 in Health

Answers (8)
  • no i would freak out! i would go somewhere else and get it checked out!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:09 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

  • I'm sorry that happened to you! Why did they remove the ovary? Shouldn't they have just removed the cyst? If they did the wrong side, wouldn't that ovary have looked healthy? Why remove a healthy looking ovary? I'd have so many questions for them!!!!!

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 1:09 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

  • wow i would be mad as hell. i never had this happen to nor to anyone i know. so what about your other ovary? i would be finding some answers from your dr and maybe go to another dr to see what he thinks about it

    Answer by bonnie-jo at 1:16 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

  • HELL no. I'd be super pissed. They should have had it right with the ultrasounds.

    Answer by oliviasmomma09 at 1:19 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

  • The key lies in "the radiologist report" He turned the film backwards. They do it all the time, it's the radiologist you need to be pissed at, not the ob/gyn. The films are supposed to be marked as to what side is the right side, and sometimes the tech doesn't do it, the radiologist doesn't pay attention and then things get flipped.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:00 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

  • I don't know that it really matters. You would have had a scar either way and the surgery was successfully performed. You would have no basis for a malpractice suit since you weren't adversly affected in any way.

    Answer by Marwill at 2:10 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

  • Marwill, she most certainly would have a basis for a suit if they took out a healthy ovary.

    Answer by sarguylas at 2:53 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

  • She didn't say they took out the wrong ovary. She said they just cut on the opposite side.

    Answer by Marwill at 3:59 PM on Dec. 10, 2008

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