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Do you say any

I've been cleaning, packing and just got my sick tot to sleep I asked my teen son to make an EASY dinner but because he has been farting around with video game he only put maybe 5% effort into it and it taste like it down right crap.... would you say anything to him and what?


Asked by Mommy_Aiken at 11:22 PM on Jun. 8, 2011 in Teens (13-17)

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Answers (11)
  • Mommy Aiken,

    I understand where your coming from, my ds makes dinner some night and it's better sometimes than others, i make it a general rule that when cooking because of chances of fire and getting burned, there is no TV or video games allowed because it takes away the concentration and can result in accidents. Try going at it with that approach next time, it works for me! I totally agree with you about Anonnymous... RUDE... RUDE... RUDE!!

    Answer by JaniceMc27 at 8:54 PM on Jun. 19, 2011

  • At least he made dinner. I'd be inclined to give him a break. Maybe you're overreacting because you're tired? Which is TOTALLY understandable, but if one of my kids made dinner when I didn't feel like it, I'd be pleased even if it was crappy.

    Answer by judimary at 11:25 PM on Jun. 8, 2011

  • Hang in there honey it sounds like you are so tired and with a sick baby too. Give your son a pass this time, ok. Get some rest.

    Answer by blackisbetter at 11:37 PM on Jun. 8, 2011

  • I would say something and next time take is video games away if he cant pull away from the stupid thing for 30 minutes to make is sick mommy a nice meal.

    Answer by mommy_of_two388 at 11:23 PM on Jun. 8, 2011

  • I'd be a lot annoyed that he half-assed it, but I'd also be grateful that he made something. Maybe calmly suggest for next time that he turn off the video games and concentrate on the making of food so it tastes better.

    Answer by Rosehawk at 11:59 PM on Jun. 8, 2011

  • Yes, you should say "thank you for making dinner". Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

    Answer by onethentwins at 2:18 PM on Jun. 9, 2011

  • Be more specific next time.. mac and cheese, hot dogs...etc.. communication is one of the most important thing you can teach your be very specific, and maybe offer extra time on video game player for helping out :)

    Answer by momma-t42 at 10:24 AM on Jun. 10, 2011

  • I would offer to teach him how to cook it better and let him know that when he is asked to do a chore, he is not to play with video games or rush through the chore to get back to the video games or he will be grounded from them.

    Answer by Kword at 11:24 PM on Jun. 8, 2011

  • He made grateful for that. He's not your maid or personal chef.,...and you are acting like a snot whose employee didn't put forth enough effort. I thank my children for their efforts. Maybe your son put 100% in to his cooking but because it's not YOUR standard of cooking, it seems like he didn't put forth the effort. If you wanted 100% I guess you should have just made supper after your LO was asleep.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:34 PM on Jun. 9, 2011

  • Yeah I would say something like hey son thanks for cooking but heres a tip, it needed more salt or whatever that way your not hurting his feeling and he will learn. Tell him to taste it before he serves it like the chef's do and if you have questions ask me. My son sometimes cooks and I give him advice and he will ask me to come taste to see if it's missing something. He is 16.

    Answer by dusty1962 at 7:02 PM on Jun. 11, 2011